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It must have been in the polychoral idiom and the particularly Roman sectionalized concertato style that Agazzari was most influenced by Roman composers, especially by those active at the German College, where dialogues, for example, were already popular.
Reduced setup times are also realized by using quick-change sectionalized tooling - choosing just the proper length of tool to bend the part.
Tabloids now can become truly sectionalized so sections can be pulled out and the paper read by more than one person at a time
sectionalisation stopping to sectionalized workings in U/G at Durgapur Rayatwari Sub Area of Chandrapur Area.
The trencher's digging capacity options include: boom options 6, 8 and 10 feet; depths provided by sectionalized single or double chain boom systems.
The classical Joa approach to machine design is besed on a sectionalized frame and drive construction with modular subassemblies arranged according to process and product requirements.
Sectionalized precision-ground tooling reduces tool inventories and allows rapid one-man setup.
The high side of the substation will be a sectionalized single bus scheme that can operate at 230kV with terminations from circuit 946.
DS0 Central Office Testing -- The TPI 95B initiates loopback commands and conducts sectionalized bit error rate testing from the central office
Infrastructure Repair Systems' Sectionalized Repair is an advanced resin technology.
Sectionalized Stopping In Sector H At Sasti Colliery Under Ballarpur Area