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The second conveyor belt, sectionalized in footlong segments, drops each piece off in the right cart, where it is trucked to the proper local post office.
Products were sectionalized, making it easy for Danish shoppers to find meat, poultry, fish or whatever else they were looking for, and vegetables were displayed in see-through polybags to enhance their appeal.
The combination of easy-to-operate CNC and sectionalized, quick-change tooling made the machine much easier to set up and run.
Instrumental music, the great bulk of Brunetti's production, is further sectionalized by instrumentation in increasing numbers, from violin sonatas through duos, trios, quarters, etc, up through symphonies; vocal music is divided into secular and sacred.
This workhorse also features a sectionalized boom bridge that can be adjusted to accommodate digging depths up to 12 feet when using the trench cleaner or short restraint bar or up to 16 feet when the longer restraint bar is in place.
The book contains a sectionalized bibliography but no index.
The formerly sectionalized lobby will be a luxurious open space with smooth and soothing white stone floors to match the creamy stone front desk.
Reduced setup times are also realized by using quick-change sectionalized tooling - choosing just the proper length of tool to bend the part.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of 11 Nos Sectionalisation Stopping For Sectionalized The Old Working Dev Panel 12Th And 16Th Dip Dist In Rviia Seam Vk Unit Of Khandra Colliery
The trencher's digging capacity options include: boom options 6, 8 and 10 feet; depths provided by sectionalized single or double chain boom systems.
Here, I find the sectionalized approach a bit pedantic and disorganized--short sections follow one another, listing the critic's response to Chou's works within a particular geographical locale--and the reception tends to focus on early works such as Landscapes and And the Fallen Petals.
Tideland EMC's chief executive officer Bill Stacy said the cooperative had sectionalized the island into two groups and began rotating generator produced power at 6:20 p.