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Some emergencies divide Americans sectionally while others divide Americans by class or ideology across geographic space.
Using determined above values, you can evaluate the change thickness in time in form of the sectionally continuous function.
British abolitionist plays like Paul and Virginia (1800) faced a political challenge in the new republic; slavery-related partisanship appeared on stage in Whigs and Democrats (1839), and the sectionally divisive 1850 Fugitive Slave Law quickly sponsored sentimental performances like Warren, a Tragedy (1850).
T] is said to be sectionally continuous (see [10]) at [x.
Separate equations are estimated for the full sample of 45 countries, the leaders, potential leaders and dynamic adopters of technology, using the cross sectionally hetroskedastic and timewise autoregressive procedure.
Any legislation regarding sectionally divisive issues would require both sections to agree.
Right now the ethanol industry is sectionally based because this is where the corn is grown.
The apportionment rule, while cumbersome, has a core of good (or at least defensible) sense, as a limitation on the congressional power to enact sectionally burdensome taxes.
Just how it will be moved has not yet been confirmed, although it is understood the structure can be dismantled sectionally.
Further testable implications can be obtained for estimated [lambda]: Once speeds of price adjustment have been obtained, they can be compared cross sectionally.
As the sectionally based Republican Pa rty emerged, Aldrich skillfully demonstrates, the individual ambitions of minor Whig officeholders in various constituencies led them to shift to the GOP.
To this end, he investigates the development of and reaction to three reform movements-evangelical benevolence, temperance, and colonization and abolitionism--in two sectionally contrasting counties--Washtenaw County, Michigan, and Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.