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Officers sectioned off the canal towpath after workers at nearby factories, bordering Tyburn Road, raised the alarm.
"Some areas of the changing village will be sectioned off for a short while whilst we resolve the issue permanently, however, the leisure services and facilities provided by the Oval will continue to run as nor mal."
There is a separate pool/function room which can be sectioned off and can seat approximately 40 customers.
Comfy furnishings and cosy alcoves sectioned off with bamboo walls create an intimate space, while large dance floors allow plenty of space to let loose.
"It's sectioned off from the stairs leading to the restaurant below so there's no kitchen smells, and customers can relax.
Alongside the large main bar area, the new layout includes two smaller rooms which can be sectioned off for smaller groups.
More than 100 shoppers queued up outside the entrances in readiness for its opening and the "superbrand" areas of Gucci, Dior and Prada had to be sectioned off with security guards to manage the queues.
Church-goers left floral tributes in an area of the car park which had been sectioned off for the purpose.
A second 900-square-foot multi-purpose room can be sectioned off in half.