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Sector-wise, the contribution of households in total private sector deposits was 50.2 per cent, followed by non-financial corporations at 28.4 per cent, financial corporations at 18.9 per cent, and the other sectors at 2.5 per cent.
201, Street No.21 of sector G-10/2 measuring 444.44 square yards (s.q) received bid Rs.85000 per square yard, plot No.
The government statistics showed that in this sector four companies are cataloged at PSX with accumulated paid up capital of Rs66,194.40 million.
KARACHI -- National Vocational and Technical Training Commission ( NAVTTC) has established a dedicated private sector engagement cell at its headquarter in order to streamline the collaboration with the private sector.
Iran's banking system paid 6,139 trillion rials in loans to various sectors during the fiscal year to March 2018, 12 percent more than in the preceding year.
The sector distribution of total credit in the private sector reported that the individual sector, made up of mostly personal loans, stood at 45.40 per cent, compared to 5 per cent for financial sector companies and 3.4 per cent for other sectors.
Of these shopping centres, two will be located in Sector F-6, one in Sector F-8, two in Sector F-10, two in Sector F-11, one in Sector G-10, three in sector G-11, four in Sector D-12, one in Sector I-8, two in Sector I-11, one class-III shopping centre in Shahzad Town and three in Sector I-14.
The report noted that several other sectors, of which only the household sector was named, accounted for 24.5% of total credit facilities.
"The performance of this sector is considered an indicator of the extent development in other production sectors and its ability to succeed in global commerce, as well as the ability of products in these sectors to compete on a regional and global level, and therefore a measure of the local economy's competitiveness in general," he said.
The telecommunications sector scored the highest increase with %8.38, followed by investment and financial services sector at %6.29; real-estate sector at %2.95; services sector at %1.5; banking sector at %1.26, and energy sector at %0.69.
In its monthly report to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Central Department of Statistics and Information (CDSI) made clear that a number of the main sections consisting the index for wholesale prices rose last February topped by the sector of food and live animals by (2.5%); followed by the sectors of beverages and tobacco, and animal and vegetable oils and fats by (1.5 )% each; then the sector of miscellaneous manufactured goods by (0.5%) and the sector of raw materials except fuels by (0.1%).
The Kuznets ratio which is admitted as an indicator of the inter-sectoral income distribution incorporates the real production and the prices of the sectors as well as the sectoral employment.