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While some jobs in the forestry sector are also at this level, a study by Price Waterhouse placed the 1995 annual average compensation in the primary forest products industry at $44,467 before benefits and $60,976 with benefits.
It is politically safe because there are few members of the regime with vested interests in or against tourism, unlike sectors such as agriculture or industry.
and is the nation's fastest growing Sectors Index Options exchange, with volume up 300% over 1993 levels.
A review of literature pertaining to vocational rehabilitation in the public and private sectors.
Again, adverse developments in this sector predate the recession.
The oil and gas sectors alone attract three quarters of foreign investment inflows.
Corporate sectors in both countries are in financial surplus as well, a highly unusual phenomenon.
Snoble and MTA Deputy Chief Executive Officer John Catoe designed the service sector concept with the intent to give communities a direct voice in the delivery of transportation services in their sectors.
This potential growth was realized in both the industrial and institutional sectors of the Sudbury construction community last year.
In its ardent efforts to build the whole empire on the back of robust growth in the Oil sector, the GCC countries had since the last 90s and early 2000, consistently and progressively initiated numerous projects to move away from a predominantly oil based economy to a balanced state boasting developments across several regions with real estate and construction activities ranking one amongst its top priorities.
economy that emerged in the decade of the 90's has as its natural allies the private sectors of the world's various national economies.
The county's unemployment rate continued to drop and neared pre-recession levels as several sectors posted large job gains in October, according to the state Employment Development Department.