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Pendant la premiere partie des annees 1990, la secularisation n'a qu'une position marginale par comparaison au << proselytisme des sectes >> et aux relations tendues/incertaines avec l'Eglise Roumaine Unie (Greco Catholique).
This is an interesting work that makes a valuable contribution to both postcolonial and medieval studies, and suggests scholars avoid using the terms feudalism, sovereignty and secularisation as simplistic temporal markers of history.
More than defending secular institutions, we need as well to be able to defend, at a global level, secularisation itself, showing that it is in fact secularisation with its emphasis on choice that has allowed religious freedom, maybe even the current resurgence of religion.
From this point on, relations between the friars and the local clergy on the secularisation issue reached an irreversible decline.
Historians have not given secularisation sustained attention because it has proven such a confusing subject; what looks like religious decline to one historian seems like spiritual advance to another.
Pakistani academic and author of the forthcoming Secularising Islamists, Iqtidar, may view the process as perhaps contributing to the process of secularisation of the state and society.
24) In 2001 Brown attracted a general rather than merely a scholarly audience, including television appearances, with his The Death of Christian Britain: Understanding Secularisation 1800-2000.
In a wide-ranging interview with German television yesterday, the Pontiff spoke of Europe's role in Christianity, secularisation in the Western world as well as the growing importance of churches in Africa and Latin America.
They have no doubt that religious belief does still influence political decisions and that secularisation of electoral habits is very far indeed from complete.
The results of that study are due to be released any day now, and it is widely expected that the report will recommend a total secularisation of the school system.
According to Hartoonian: 'Semper thus anticipates the predicament of logocentrism and opens a "spatiality" through which architecture could be loosed from the ground of historicism to become subject to the dynamics of secularisation.