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Secularism has been defined and interpreted in various ways.
Talking about secularism, he said that a large majority of people in the subcontinent had misconceptions about secularism.
Chapter one addresses the Ottoman sources of Turkish secularism. According to the author, Turkish secularism dates back to 19th century Ottoman secular bureaucracy.
While the breach of secularism today is seen in many secular countries of the world, including in the West, the case of India is unique.
Scott claims that the emancipatory power of secularism on women has been wrongly taken for granted--that, on the contrary, secularism has been used throughout history to justify the subordination of women.
These chapters emphasize that secularism doesn't equal atheism, although truly secular states are tolerant of atheists as well.
What does secularism have to do with forcing women to undress in public?
As populism and exclusive nationalism seem to dominate the political front domestically in India and several other countries around the world, it seems improbable, if not impossible, for secularism to take over religion as the primary paradigm of life in India.
In this book, author Pooyan Tamimi Arab presents readers with a comprehensive examination of social theories that impact contemporary Islam and Muslims through their understand of secularism as all-encompassing.
"In the new constitution which we are preparing, the principle of secularism will be included as one guaranteeing individuals' freedom of religion and faith, and the state's equal distance to all faith groups," Davutoglu said in a speech to members of his ruling AK Party.
In a televised speech, DavutoAaAaAeAalu ( said : "Secularism will feature in the new constitution we draft as a principle that guarantees citizens' freedom of religion and faith and that ensures the state is at an equal distance from all faith groups."
JOINING the debate on secularism, Vice- President M Hamid Ansari on Saturday said any discussion of the constitutional ideal of India being a ' secular' republic having a ' composite culture' has to be premised on the existential reality of the society which is characterised by heterogeneity.