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Previous studies have demonstrated that findings for these measures support the Religious Openness Hypothesis; so, this investigation focused on four broad sets of hypotheses associated specifically with Defense against Secularism.
It seems to me that if secularism is going to be a positive creed, it can't just speak to the rational aspects of our nature.
Addressing an international conference on the 125th birth anniversary of Nehru here, Sonia said secularism was an "article of faith" for the first Prime Minister of the country.
Naqvi alleged that the Congress party has always viewed secularism from a political perspective, and has exploited people in the name of secularism.
The intention behind writing this article is to convey to the people of PakisAtan that the secularism doctrine is not anti-Islam at all.
Secularism has become strongly associated in the Arab and broader Muslim worlds with atheism, iconoclasm, and anti-religious attitudes and policies.
where he prays is immaterial," said Modi explaining what secularism means to him.
There, secularization in the Middle East stemmed from the efforts of authoritarian rulers to copy Western models of secularism and impose them by force on traditional Muslim societies.
The veil of secularism is better than naked communalism.
was to define what secularism is and what it is not.
The Joy of Secularism is the first entry in what will no doubt be a new genre of literature, one that might be called secularist religion.
The dilemma is whether Muslim-veil bans impinge on the rights of expression and religion at both national and international levels or, whether states may legally justify a ban on the basis of secularism and women's rights.