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Are we to watch helplessly the Afghan style Talibanisation of our mother land by groups and factions which are out to destroy India and tear to pieces its secularity and communal harmony?
For instance, the second chapter on Scholem, the longest of the book, is impressive in aligning Scholem's religious anarchism and self-defining "post-assimilationism" with Britt's own focus on the blurred categories of religion and secularity.
The novel shifts perspective throughout to encompass multiple viewpoints and demonstrate the intersection of lives affected by that initial blast, including Mansoor, who abandons his secularity after he experiences prejudice; a bomb maker named Shaukat "Shockie" Guru; and a Muslim activist who becomes more radicalized as the novel progresses.
In these conditions, the principle of secularity, i.
Secularity is characterized by a commitment to the following attributes: a common humanity, universal human rights, the legitimacy of political dissent, tolerance of diversity, and a tendency toward a historically conditioned reflexivity and questioning of itself.
As for figures like Muharrem ynce and Mustafa Balbay -- who also wish to take control of the CHP -- their arguments often return to the idea that the CHP needs to be more vocal in the defense of "essential" values like secularity.
The political, military, and educational reforms initiated by the Tanzimat and Hamidian generations help give birth to a new generation of educated elites, whom Gurpinar refers to as the Unionist generation that would be open to ideas of nationalism and secularity that were influencing younger generations throughout Europe at that time.
It seeks to take stock of the sea change that has taken place in the thinking about the relationship between religion and secularity in the last twenty-odd years.
France's strict secularity laws make it illegal to count people by theirreligion or ethnicity, but a report on prisons by an opposition MP last yearestimated that 60 percent of the prison population (roughly 40,000 people)were Muslim.
Peter van der Veer, director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, in Gottingen, and distinguished professor at Utrecht University, begins by exploring how, out of nineteenth-century imperial history, Western concepts of spirituality and secularity, as also of religion and magic, were utilized to epitomize traditions of China and India.
into different modes of goveming religion by state institutions and the broader socio-legal contexts that sustain and subvert them--many of which have been described as secular--has led to what Nilufer Gole (2010, 43) describes as "an unpacking of secularity as a religionfree, neutral, and universal development of European modernity.
Many activists have been angered by the interventions of the Islamicrooted Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the Turkish education system which they allege have undermined the country's secularity.