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Firstly, because historically it has always been a place of big division between dominant (Christian) religious groups and other strongly non-religious ones; secondly, because it is geographically situated on a continent where the presence of nones is and is expected to continue to be more significant; thirdly, because it is a state under the rule of law, with religious freedom, and where the free circulation of religious and non-religious beliefs and values is allowed; and finally, because the state has promoted to some extent a culture of secularity, namely by means of morality policies which, in our view, have helped the growth of nones in the last decades, especially since the last decade of the 20th century.
Nigeria is a secular state with different religions and tribes, so whatever the government is doing should reflect the secularity of the Nigerian nation,' the group stated.
"There's a common myth--largely a creation of the West--about science and religion being in conflict, but it appears that most scientists really are not hostile to religion," notes Secularity and Science coauthor Brandon Vaidyanathan, associate professor and chair of the Sociology Department at The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.
What Dillon brings out so well in this book is that as far as the secularity of Catholics is concerned, the genie is out of the bottle.
The EU Envoy for Promoting Freedom of Religion outside the European Union Jan Figel, within the framework of his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, participated in the roundtable on the topic "Religions and secularity in new relationships", organized by the Riyasat of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, stated the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH.
Jolly, folk-flavoured organ carol interludes were interspersed with some reverent and idiomatic choral writing, although secularity seeped into sacred movements as in the jaunty Sanctus!
As governments and politicians we respect secularity and don't want to meddle in the work and cooperation of our two churches.
Are we to watch helplessly the Afghan style Talibanisation of our mother land by groups and factions which are out to destroy India and tear to pieces its secularity and communal harmony?
But Britt's insistence on showcasing tradition forces him to conclude in broad strokes that Benjamin's reading of Schreber's Memoires "demonstrates an engagement with tradition that transcends the binary of religion and secularity" (89).
Will polyglot Europe (Eastern, Western, Mittel) fragment into a thousand shards, or will it be dreamed anew as a collective hallucination of syncretic secularity? This question may seem removed from a Marina Abramovic retrospective, but one could argue that the grandiose, anything-goes performances from this visionary/celebrity artist propose such issues as personal, mystical choices.
On Diaspora: Christianity, Religion, and Secularity. By Daniel Colucciello Barber.
The novel shifts perspective throughout to encompass multiple viewpoints and demonstrate the intersection of lives affected by that initial blast, including Mansoor, who abandons his secularity after he experiences prejudice; a bomb maker named Shaukat "Shockie" Guru; and a Muslim activist who becomes more radicalized as the novel progresses.