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Hoeveler argues that gothic performance represented "[o]ne of the most effective ways of confronting [the] pain and uncertainty" of the possibility of death without an afterlife in the increasingly secularized European society (39).
Monotheist explores the concept of what makes God within themselves and in society, and exploring those ideas in the secularized Christian world.
The only thing you can trust a Muslim to be is a Muslim" (Including, it seems, the famously secularized and nonradical Bosnian Muslims, some 100,000 of whom died in Milosevic's assaults of the 1990s.
With the project Huibers, who says too few Dutch children know the story of Noah's ark, hopes to reawaken interest in biblical stories and religion in his very secularized country.
In this multi-religious but largely secularized country, Francis Xavier is so famous that his name and his portrait are said to be familiar to young children, who learn about him at primary schools.
Mies van der Rohe abstracted and secularized the model even further in the Weissenhof housing estate built by the Werkbund in 1927.
Could it be, too, that the intellectual elites of Europe are growing disillusioned with a purely secularized conception of freedom?
8) Behind these similarities is the struggle of all contemporary religious faiths to maintain themselves in a radically secularized world.
Although the authors are very guarded in the conclusions that can be drawn from one year's notes of a solitary Georgian mad-doctor, the interpretations tend to reinforce accepted historiographical positions, including Roy Porter's argument that there was no 'great confinement' in Georgian England and Michael MacDonald's thesis that suicide was secularized during this era.
Many well-intentioned members of the religious left, not wanting to be associated with the nascent Christian Right, filtered religion out of their rhetoric and secularized some of their appeals.
There is the Christmas of faith, the Christmas of history and the secularized social Christmas.