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Holcroft was among those who had begun to "recognize that the theater was not only increasingly serving as a locus of secularized religion, but also as a place where the lower classes could be educated in the behaviors and attitudes that would allow them to function usefully in a rapidly changing society" (136).
What seems evident is that in much anti-Muslim rhetoric, criticism of the religion is enmeshed with cultural and ethnic hostility that extends to largely secularized immigrants from traditionally Muslim countries.
Mies van der Rohe abstracted and secularized the model even further in the Weissenhof housing estate built by the Werkbund in 1927.
Could it be, too, that the intellectual elites of Europe are growing disillusioned with a purely secularized conception of freedom?
8) Behind these similarities is the struggle of all contemporary religious faiths to maintain themselves in a radically secularized world.
Although the authors are very guarded in the conclusions that can be drawn from one year's notes of a solitary Georgian mad-doctor, the interpretations tend to reinforce accepted historiographical positions, including Roy Porter's argument that there was no 'great confinement' in Georgian England and Michael MacDonald's thesis that suicide was secularized during this era.
Many well-intentioned members of the religious left, not wanting to be associated with the nascent Christian Right, filtered religion out of their rhetoric and secularized some of their appeals.
s four major themes: secularization does not destroy religion; it involves an authority shift; the relationship between religion and the secular reveals contrasting histories in Europe and the United States; and the sacred becomes secularized and the secular becomes sacral.
We are now a very different secularized, multi-cultural and multi-faith nation.
In contrast to pluralist societies like the United States that try to accept or celebrate cultural differences, the French ideal envisions a uniform, secularized French identity as the best guarantor of national unity and the separation of church and state.