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(In this chapter he is defending Robert Bolt's play against the condescension of modern historians to its secularizing liberalism.) Chapter 3 traces the difficult paradoxes of identity enacted by Thomas Cranmer's recantation, on the occasion of his martyrdom, of the previous recantation he had made in hopes of avoiding that occasion: which writing is the real Cranmer?; and treats as well the reverberation and reconstruction of this deed in John Foxe's Book of Martyrs, where one begins perhaps to see a modern dissident Cranmer, persecuted for his ideological beliefs, through the public witness of the martyr.
Diane Long Hoeveler's challenging new study, Gothic Riffs: Secularizing the Uncanny in the European Imaginary, 1780--1820, has two central aims.
Referring to the major changes taking place in the Arab world as a result of the popular uprisings against dictators and authoritarian governments, Hajjar said, "The change happening around us in the region must prompt the president to call again for the National Dialogue Committee to put as its priorities: Laying the foundation for a new social contract to solve the problem of (nonstate) arms and allow the Lebanese communities to proceed in the march toward secularizing the state both in its people and buildings."
He further said all conspiracies of secularizing the system and society have been invalidated.
Their topics include eating in the wilderness, food in the ordered city, secularizing diet, clean and unclean animals, and sacrifice and slaughter.
Whereas secularizing Westernized autocracies like the Shah's prompted upwellings of religious radicalism, Iran's religious dictatorship has produced a softening secularization that is likely to last, since both non-religious and faithful Iranians increasingly see representative government as indispensable to their values."
Could supposed God fearing conservatives be the worse offenders in the secularizing of America?
Rowland: Against the background of secularizing readings of Gaudium et spes, John Paul II argued that the document needs to bc read from the perspective of Paragraph 22.