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But if this religious turn made his secularizing admirers nervous, it made religious people still more nervous.
But opponents of the displays say secularizing the Ten Commandments hurts religion.
Today, progress in the Arab world will not come by secularizing it from above (Bulliet's chapter dealing with Chalabi is called "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places") but by rediscovering this more tolerant Islam, which actually predates radicalism and, contra Ataturk, is an ineluctable part of Arab self-identity that must be accommodated.
The increasing fragmentation of time, which occurs in the sixteenth century, is thought to be the result of secularizing tendencies brought about by new factors, including new techniques of measurement (clocks).
gt;From the 1820s to the beginning of the First World War, the "modernizing, secularizing, democratizing liberal project reached maturity"; as it came of age, this liberal movement came into inevitable conflict with the Catholic revival.