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Yes constitution has given that right to say 'we are secular and we will say it'.
We can be sure that if, one day, seculars return to power, they will continue to use the Religious Affairs Directorate as one of the main public tools.
First of all, we must clearly distinguish Turkey as a state and Turkey as a society because the secular character of a given state is not always parallel to the secular character of its inhabitants.
In fact, the attitude of Israeli Jewish seculars toward religion is complicated by their view of religion as forming the basis of the state's culture.
Not in the Heavens: The Tradition of Jewish Secular Thought, by David Biale.
Meanwhile, 43 percent of seculars defined the Catholic Church's attitude towards Judaism and Jews as positive, while 65 percent of religious said that it was negative.
Will secular humanists ever succeed in organizing so as to wield political influence in our nation's capital?
November 2, 2002, saw history's largest gathering of politically active secular humanists in the United States' capital city.