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Mill or by sanitarians and engineers, was routinely conceived to be at least partially securable through technology'.
Security will improve through dividing the network into manageable and securable zones; placement of sensors to inspect traffic; and centralize network operations functions.
Therefore it was decided that the 938 stations not securable would not open, in order to prevent so-called "ghost polling stations"--stations open but where no voters can go, thus allowing for ballot-stuffing.
Intelligent documents such as the MIS MO[R] SMART Docs[R] (an acronym for securable, manageable, archivable, retrievable, and transferable documents) are a credible solution to these issues.
Therefore it is essential for houses surrounding the plant to have securable openings to protect themselves from radiation exposure in case of a threat.
According to the "Crime Lab Design" authors, each laboratory section must consist of an isolated securable module to meet accreditation requirements.
11 standards have created a networking capability for consumer use that is robust, securable, and user friendly.
Typically defined by less-than-caseload picking, nestable totes with securable attached flap lids to prevent pilferage are the reusable box of choice for this application.
Not only does the 228 have under-gunwale storage for two behind a securable hatch, but two of the three in-deck storage compartments connect, giving you a place to hide all those rods you bought on sale at Bass Pro from your spouse.