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Companies must demonstrate the ability and capability to meet the government's business requirements for responsive, reliable, scalable, securable, and highly available managed hosting services.
At the time the belief was that these were the most securable floors due to the building's design and the reality that the vast majority of patrons would already be located there, so closing the lower levels would not be an issue.
Such plans would need to be predominantly money-purchase, with any minimum guaranteed benefit being small enough in proportion to be securable at reasonable cost.
A reception area/desk, securable storage, and chairs (waiting area) would be needed along the ILC entrance.
The development comprises 10 duplex units arranged in pairs around a common space, with each unit containing five separate bedrooms, a shared living area, kitchen, bathroom and securable veranda area.
And after the words "Private and securable home acceptable for Sharon, plus $200 per week for maid service" a pounds 2,000-a-week allowance has been inserted.