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PIGNORIS CAPIO, ROM. civil law. The name given to one of the legis actiones of the Roman law. It consisted chiefly in the taking. of a pledge, and was in fact a mode of execution. It was confined to special cases determined by positive law or by custom, such as taxes, duties, rents, &c., and is comparable in some respects to distresses at common law. The proceeding took place in the presence of a praetor.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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- A state-of-the-art, end-to-end security suite that combines bank-grade TLS encryption and X.509 certificate authentication with the powerful security features embedded in Grandstream's GWN series of WiFi APs (for example, secure boot, random default password & unique certificate per device, digital signatures of
Microchip enables robust security by including chip-level tamper resistance, secure boot and secure key storage that, when combined with TrustZone technology, protects customer applications from both remote and physical attacks.
Inside Secure has licensed the secure boot component within its industry-leading Roof-of-Trust solution, to secure the Mobile and XR (Virtual, Mixed & Augmented Reality) solutions of Inuitive, an Israeli-based designer of multi- core vision processor Integrated Circuits.
The difference is that UEFI is modern and features Secure Boot, which theoretically guards against malicious attacks by requiring signed drivers and a signed OS.
San Diego, CA, May 17, 2018 --( Express Logic, provider of the comprehensive X-Ware IoT Platform[R] Secure Cloud (SC) powered by the industry-leading ThreadX[R] RTOS with more than 6.2 billion deployments, today announced the integration of the Cypherbridge Systems uLoadXL secure boot and safe software update solution with its X-Ware IoT Platform.
In both sets of PageWide printers, a secure boot process runs at startup to validate the integrity of the printer 's BIOS.
Therefore, every embedded system should be designed around processors providing a secure boot capability that is able to validate the integrity of the software, or firmware it is running, on a systematic basis.
Mehraban notes that, like Lantronix's xPico 240, the xPico 250 comes pre-tested and pre-integrated with the company's Mach10 Global Device Manager, Lantronix Gateway Central and TruPort Security including secure boot technology.
The company launched its bug bounty program in 2016, and flaws in secure boot firmware components were valued at up to ( $200,000 .
Embedded into Aruba's networking infrastructure is the Aruba Secure Core, which provides the necessary protection required for any network including secure boot, embedded firewalls, centralized encryption, deep packet inspection, and intrusion prevention.

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