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Masterpass will be embedded in the Gulf Pay wallet as an additional secure payment method and will store all payment information, including card details, shipping information, and payment preferences in one convenient location.
Eckoh plc, the global provider of secure payment solutions and multi-channel customer service, announces that it has secured a significant new three-year contract to provide secure payment services to one of the world s largest multi-media retailers (the Client ), broadcasting to over 200 million homes worldwide.
com)-- Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions LLC has joined the large network of vendors within the TechnologyAdvice community as provider of check printing and electronic payments software.
said it has announced the availability of Secure Payment Solutions, a secure payment processing solution for the hospitality industry.
Providing secure payment authentication to financial service institutions, issuing banks, and a wide range of credit card and payment processor companies, the integrated products will provide Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140 approved security for sensitive cardholder data and online payment authentication processes.
The secure payment software provider Thyron Ltd and Visa International have partnered to demonstrate Visa's Visual Visa Cash (VVC) Internet payment system.
But so far, there are only limited opportunities for ensuring secure payment.
Eckoh, a global provider of secure payment products and customer service solutions, today announces that it has been granted, effective from the 11th June 2014, a patent (No.
com)-- From saving time and money, to increasing security and convenience, the new edition of check printing software from Printech Global Secure Payment Solution offers users numerous advantages over pre-printed checks.
In the brief, ' Secure Payment Services: Card Data Security Transformed ,' experts from companies including RSA, First Data Corporation and Visa urge merchants to rethink how they manage card data, asserting that they can gain better business insight and value without having to keep card numbers at all.
Provider of secure payment solutions Ingenico (Euronext:ING) today announced a strategic alliance with AviIT, a provider of specialist IT-based solutions for the aviation industry, and OnAir, a provider of in-flight communications, to develop automated in-flight solutions that provide authenticated, secure payment transactions in real-time through commercial satellite communications links.

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