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Fitch therefore assumed an 'RR3' recovery rate (30% recovery in an 'AAAsf' stress) for the senior secured bond portion of the Fitch stressed portfolio.
At the same time, Standard & Poor's assigned a rating to Witan's GBP100 million and GBP46 million secured bonds.
The PEF PPA extends beyond the term of the secured bonds, and provides capacity payments on up to 74 MWs of power if on-peak plant availability is 90% or higher.
Of concern is the structural subordination of the secured bonds to the debt at the portfolio projects.
RasGas (3) USD850m Series B senior secured bonds due 2027: affirmed at 'A+'; Outlook Stable
In addition to the above-mentioned Senior Secured Bonds, the QVT funds are also holders of the unsecured NOK 100 million bond loan (ISIN NO0010362809) and the unsecured USD 20 million bond loan (ISIN NO0010325350) (the "Unsecured Bonds") issued by InterOil.
Credit Suisse First Boston served as placement agent for the Senior Secured Bonds.
O&Y said it is preparing proposals for consideration that it hopes will be satisfactory to the trustee and to the holders of the secured bonds.
1 billion of eligible collateral at book value in the electric distribution category, against which BGE could issue new secured bonds up to about $1.
The issuance of the fiscal 2009 series S-5 bonds does not affect the 'AA+' rating on the future tax secured bonds.
8 million of PPLEU's outstanding senior secured bonds, 6.