secured by law

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The prince is expected to travel by helicopter from the airbase to Prime Minister House though alternate land routes will also be fully secured by law enforcement and guarded by an unspecified number of armed police units.
On the basis of this request, A copy of the contract, Hidden from the entries covered by a secured by law, Will be sent to the address specified by the applicant.
"This needs to be secured by law, decided after a professional assessment, after a trial period and reassessment of all the technological and other needs of the differently-abled and should be provided free," he emphasised.
The airport said on social media that there was "an incident underway at LAX." A local CBS affiliate reported that a gunman had been shot and secured by law enforcement, and that some passengers were being evacuated from a terminal.
Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion must be universally guaranteed and secured by law. These are goals that provide a framework for meaningful activism--not whimpering or anarchist daydreaming.
Perry, speaking before he took a helicopter tour of the Beaumont area, said the region hit by the hurricane has been secured by law enforcement, but does not have water and sewer services available.
In Valente, it was held that for individual judges to be independent, their salaries must be secured by law and not be subject to arbitrary interference by the executive.
The Red Zone and sensitive installations were secured by law enforcement agencies and paramilitary troops.
The documents also included demands which would inevitably entail changing the Jewish character of the state and turning it into a con-socionational democracy whereby the rights of the minority are secured by law; or a bi-lingual and bi-cultural democracy as proposed by the organization Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel.
These decisions should be secured by laws to reassure the investors.
The blessings of liberty may be secured by laws and custom, but the blessings of modern civilization are unthinkable without electricity, a truly indispensable commodity in the 21st century.