secured debenture

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Fitch has also affirmed the National Rating on Kotagala's outstanding senior secured debentures at 'CC(lka)'.
In addition, Lorus has signed a term sheet with the holder of its $15 million convertible secured debentures (the "Debentures") The Erin Mills Investment Corporation ("TEMIC"), subject to the successful completion of the tax assisted financing transaction, to repay the Debentures prior to maturity.
Among the underwriters of RMB's corporate bonds, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi had 200 million yen outstanding in secured debentures and Tokai Maruman Finance Co., a Nagoya-based venture capital firm affiliated with Tokai Bank, had 150 million yen in warrant bonds, both as of March 31.
--20th senior secured debentures issuance, in the amount of BRL700 million, 'AA(bra)'.
Canada's Pinetree Capital Limited (TSX: PNP) (TSX: PNP.DB) has announced that it will once again exercise its right to partially redeem the company's 10.0 percent convertible secured debentures due May 31, 2016, in accordance with the terms of the indenture governing the debentures.
The bridge facility will comprise subordinated secured debentures, due 45 days after the closing of the facility.
27 January 2012 - Israeli microRNA-based molecular diagnostics specialist Rosetta Genomics Ltd (NASDAQ:ROSG) said today it had completed a private placement to an accredited investor in which the company sold USD1.75m (EUR1.33m) in senior secured debentures.
(LED or the Company) (TSX-V: LMD) announces that it is proposing a financing of Cdn$385,000 through the issuance of 13% senior secured debentures of the Company (the Debentures) maturing 12 months from the closing date of the financing (the Closing Date).
Pinetree Capital Limited (TSX: PNP)(TSX: PNP.DB), a diversified investment and merchant banking firm, has said that it is again exercising its right to partially redeem the company's 10 percent Convertible Secured Debentures due May 31, 2016, in accordance with the terms of the indenture governing the debentures.
The secured Debentures are in the aggregate principal amount of USD229,885.
The secured debentures bear an annual coupon of 10% and are secured by a security interest in the company's assets.