securely fixed

See: firm
References in classic literature ?
Sixteen years previous to the epoch when this story takes place, one fine morning, on Quasimodo Sunday, a living creature had been deposited, after mass, in the church of Notre- Dame, on the wooden bed securely fixed in the vestibule on the left, opposite that great image of Saint Christopher, which the figure of Messire Antoine des Essarts, chevalier, carved in stone, had been gazing at on his knees since 1413, when they took it into their heads to overthrow the saint and the faithful follower.
A couple of things to remember with winter containerised displays is to ensure the hanging baskets are securely fixed so they don't become a danger in high winds and winter storms and keep pots raised off the ground a little to avoid water-logging.
The Work of provision and implementation of guardrails securely fixed, rigid and of adequate strength, on the outskirts of the relevant roofs: height and characteristics according to the current regulations of the Labour Code (Decree No.
the diameter wisely and make sure it is securely fixed to the wall.
You can use a curtain pole but choose the diameter wisely and make sure it is securely fixed to the wall.
Unlike its precursor, the new tablet mount can be securely fixed on both windshields and dashboards thanks to its sticky suction pad.
A soft focus was done based on the lighting calculations provided, and then the aiming was refined once all equipment was securely fixed in place.
It was the brainchild of clerk of the course Charlie Moore and executive director David MacDonald who had no time to get a ruling from the BHA but agreed with clerk of the scales Stephen Watkins that they could be worn provided they were securely fixed and that owners were happy.
The S4 Sidewinder keeps your rangefinder (or any other electronic device, for that matter) securely fixed to your hip, thigh, arm, belt or backpack and allows instant, silent access.
We urge people to ensure that free-standing television sets cannot be easily pulled over by children and that wall-mounted sets are securely fixed to walls which are strong enough to hold them.
The company says this keeps it safely out of the way, not interfering with valve operation, but still securely fixed in place and with protected switches and wiring.
A safety mesh should be securely fixed and the depth of the water should be at a minimum.