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Thanks to Medlines vast and knowledgeable sales force, the Mens Liberty Acute product (as well as our other urology, securement and skin protection solutions) will now be more accessible to patients, thereby reducing the prevalence and associated risks of UTIs and improving their quality of life," says Gaet Tyranski, president of BioDerm.
Securement Dressing worldwide, said Pat Parks, MD, PhD, medical director for 3M Critical and Chronic Care Solutions Division.
New provisions also address level boarding systems and incorporate updated standards for wheelchair securement systems.
The revolutionary new product was developed by combining transportation insight, intelligent technology and a pioneering new approach to securement, said a statement from the US-based company.
While WC19 allows for testing wheelchairs when secured by a commercially available docking securement device and fitted with the appropriate securement adaptor, only a selection of commercial wheelchairs have been crash tested with custom brackets for safe use with an automatic docking securement.
In this integrative review, the current research on the effectiveness of IV securement devices will be reviewed and practical implications for evidence-based practices in IV care for medical-surgical nurses will be provided.
Good securement of the IVC to the skin is necessary to ensure that the device does not dislodge and either fall out, or move out of the vein and into the surrounding tissue.
Our broad range of products is designed specifically to make shipping a safer process, and protects cargo fleets in the event of any kind of incident on the road,” said David Majesz, CEO of the load securement company.
This range of securement products meets end-user needs and the complex requirements of disposable medical devices.
The other day I saw a flatbed on the interstate that didn't have the proper securement on the front and back pallets.
Preparing for the transition to community transportation and the role of parents and caregivers were topics during the series and focus was given to the importance of effective wheelchair securement and proper occupant restraints so that passengers seated in wheelchairs have equivalent occupant protection to other vehicle occupants.