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The other end of the rope Tarzan fastened to the stem of the tree, then he quickly cut the bonds securing Numa's legs and leaped aside as the beast sprang to his feet.
He rolled upon the ground, fighting, biting, scratching, and roaring; he leaped to his feet and sprang into the air; he charged Tarzan, only to be brought to a sudden stop as the rope securing him to the tree tautened.
The public is invited to a live, online video seminar entitled, "Simple, Scalable, Safe: An End-to-End Approach to Securing the Wireless Client," which begins at 9:00 a.
Secure Computing (NASDAQ:SCUR) has been securing the connections between people and information for over 20 years.
Secure Computing Corporation (NASDAQ:SCUR), the experts in securing connections between people, applications and networks(TM), today announced that is has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of CyberGuard(R) Corporation (NASDAQ:CGFW), a global provider of security solutions that protect the business-critical information assets of Global 2000 enterprises and government organizations.