securities law

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Securities law: Refers to violations of federal securities laws including the 1933 and 1934 acts as amended by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, plus any violation of state securities laws.
Many people harbor the misconception that stock in a public company may be freely bought and sold without compliance with Federal and state securities laws.
Amendment to these Sections are included in the Securities Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014 by prescribing minimum penalty to be imposed for each violation in the Securities Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014, in addition to the amendments included in the earlier Ordinance.
In order to keep in force the amendments that gave the legal backing to the Securities and Exchange Board of India to tackle critical issues including powers to respond to the growing menace of illegal deposit taking and Ponzi schemes, the Securities Laws (Amendment) Second Ordinance 2013, prepared on the lines of the Securities Laws (Amendment) Bill 2013 pending in Lok Sabha, was promulgated by the President.
Other recommendations go beyond what is included in the federal securities laws and would apply to all companies, including those subject to the federal securities laws.
In these contexts, the speed and flexibility available under Rule 144A, relative to public offerings, are most pronounced, since the public company issuer can rely on its periodic filings under the securities laws to satisfy, in part, the relevant informational requirements of Rule 144A.
Only a relative handful of banks currently provide brokerage services without the participation of a broker-dealer that is subject to regulation under the securities laws.

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