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Increase in value; improvement.

Enhancement is generally used to mean an increase in the market value of property that is the result of an improvement.

The enhancement of a criminal penalty means the increase of punishment, such as by increasing a jail sentence. This type of enhancement might be affected when the criminal's motive is found to be particularly depraved.


(Exaggeration), noun elaboration, embellishment, exaggeration, hyperbole, magnification, overstatement, superlative


(Increase), noun accession, advance, aggrandizement, amelioration, amendment, amplification, augmentation, betterment, boom, deepening, enlargement, enrichment, exaltation, heightening, improvement, intensification, melioration, progress, reform, renewal, revaluation, strengthening
See also: accession, additive, advance, amendment, augmentation, boom, correction, development, enlargement, hyperbole, increase, progress, reform, renewal
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11 about a plan to spend $760,000 for jail security enhancements and the supervisors will take up Baca's request for an extra $4.
Improved SIP/SIMPLE Support, Scalability, and Security Enhancements Top List of Jabber XCP Upgrades
We've made security enhancements that will protect the facility, and make sure people who come to visit the garden will stay in the garden,'' said Mary Lou Cotton, assistant to Dan Masnada, the CLWA's general manager.
PCI data security enhancements ensure that privacy-sensitive data is not vulnerable from attacks.
com/products/research_brief/Mobile_Broadband_R esearch_Brief/102) details the upcoming opportunities for creation and implementation of WiMAX security enhancements.
Newhall Municipal is one of five courthouses to add the security enhancements in the past week.
Significant security enhancements have been added to Windows Vista and complement the protection provided by Third Brigade Deep Security.
Innovative security enhancements are part of a new five-year contract with Digimarc and help position Utah for REAL ID compliance

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