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Colonel Ibrahim Sultan Al Zaabi, Deputy Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Abu Dhabi Police, confirmed that the CID managed to take early notice of this security loophole through the forensic evidence e-laboratory.
THIEVES are targeting a security loophole at supermarket checkouts in the UK, it emerged today.
The Communications Research Networks (CRN) working group on Internet security has discovered a security loophole in voice-over Internet protocol applications, such as Skype and Vonage, that could give criminals operating on the Internet a better way of covering their tracks.
A Saltburn business consultant was shocked to find a security loophole on a bank's website.
An appalling security loophole allowed us to amass a haul of precription drugs using fake doctors' pads.
His behaviour had also exposed a security loophole which had since been closed.
One senior MoD source said: "It was a very fair story and this seems like a genuine security loophole.
A virus designed to destroy data, however, could use the same security loophole to wreak much more havoc.
Motorola does not consider the security loophole to be a major issue, but the hidden menu does let users change settings that may affect the phone's performance.
We are pretty confident we have eliminated every security loophole at 4talk.
Mandating IMO numbers and tracking gear on all high seas fishing vessels is a simple change that could be made at minimal cost, and that would close a potentially important security loophole.
According to Dworsky, the security loophole is in the 24-hour a day automated telephone account information systems used by some card issuers that allow cardholders to check the activity on their accounts.