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The poor fox had to be sedated for him to be cut free.
Due to the man's condition, the doctors sedated him to help stabilise him on scene.
The report also highlighted that they were first sedated through ammonium power before their murder.
Mr Stewart, a part-time debt collector, relived his ordeal to his family from his hospital bed, before he was sedated.
The horse was sedated while firefighters from Deeside along with the service's animal rescue unit from Colwyn Bay freed its leg.
There are processes and tools for identifying these potentially risky surgical/procedure patients that vary by the type of health care facility and the timeframe available before the patient's sedated event.
There have been some studies which have shown that up to 50 per cent of people who are sedated, or lightly anaesthetised, will have a sexual dream," The Australian quoted Baker as saying.
East Timor's President Jose Ramos- Horta is slowly being returned to consciousness by doctors who have kept him sedated since he was shot in an assassination attempt.
As punishment for Jade's latest verbal assault on the lead Barbie, Mercedes, both girls are taken to a strange lab and sedated.
Heavily sedated and wearing a white hospital smock, Juan Manuel Alvarez appeared briefly in court Friday to face charges of murdering 11 people by causing a train derailment.
He was sedated after the injury as a precaution and then sedated again at hospital - it's just a practice to stop them moving around and causing any damage to themselves.
In this procedure, a physician inserts a flexible, camera-tipped tube into a sedated patient's colon via the rectum and withdraws it gradually while watching a video screen for polyps.