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For example, I am well convinced,' smiling sedately, as he cut up the dish of veal to be handed round, on the young man who had been put out of countenance,
Thus he was constantly addressed, even in minor notes on business, as 'Dear Rumty'; in answer to which, he sedately signed himself, 'Yours truly, R.
This affectionate behaviour of my wife's brought me a little out of the vapours, and I began to consider what I was doing; I corrected my wandering fancy, and began to argue with myself sedately what business I had after threescore years, and after such a life of tedious sufferings and disasters, and closed in so happy and easy a manner; I, say, what business had I to rush into new hazards, and put myself upon adventures fit only for youth and poverty to run into?
He walked along quietly and sedately, without hurry, to avoid awakening suspicion.
However they somehow got a six-run lead by dismissing Durham for 156 and then moved to 16 ahead by progressing, relatively sedately in comparison with the rest of the day, to 10 without loss.
Having progressed relatively sedately to 50 in 23 balls he advanced to 100 (his seventh in T20 and the first by a Bears player in the tournament) in another 19 and to 150 in just 18 more.
Expectations were rock bottom as they started sedately to vintage music.
It started sedately with low, measured minims from the basses, with each group of instruments slowly joining in under conductor Dima Slobodeniouk's metronomic beat - a plucked viola, melodic cello line, a growling tuba.
Driven more sedately, the Cupra is quite economical with an official fuel figure of 42.
Young fans pogoed in a frenzy at the front while others swayed more sedately behind them as Nader Mansour belted out the lyrics to songs including "Whoopy," "Bad Liver and a Broken Heart" and the band's hit single "Sleep With the Lights On," encouraging the audience to sing along with the group during "Oh Wee.
Could not each tree, in addition to swaying sedately in the breeze, actually commemorate someone important?