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The doctor's composing draught, partially disturbed in its operation for the moment only, had recovered its sedative influence on his brain.
Holmes declares that he overheard me caution him against the great danger of taking more than two drops of castor oil, while I recommended strychnine in large doses as a sedative.
The situation in which he found himself, indeed, was particularly favourable to the growth of these feelings; for, not to mention the lazy influence of a late and lonely breakfast, with the additional sedative of a newspaper, there was an air of repose about his place of residence peculiar to itself, and which hangs about it, even in these times, when it is more bustling and busy than it was in days of yore.
Having indulged a while in this sedative, she raised her bent body, took the pipe from her lips, and while gazing steadily at the fire, said very deliberately--"You are cold; you are sick; and you are silly.
The lull had a sedative and philosophical influence on Joe, who followed me out into the road to say, as a parting observation that might do me good, "On the Rampage, Pip, and off the Rampage, Pip - such is Life
Whiskers, his beady squirrel's eye glittering from out his ruined eyebrow like a live coal in a jungle ambush, broke off long enough to down a sedative draught from his condensed milk can and to mix another.
This skilful see-saw of Mr Dorrit and Mrs Merdle, so that each of them sent the other up, and each of them sent the other down, and neither had the advantage, acted as a sedative on Mr Dorrit's cough.
Medical records reportedly show he was given Alfentanil, an opiate 30 times the strength of oral morphine, and Midazolam, a strong sedative.
Nearly one-third of sedative users experienced memory loss, as did 17% of those who misuse pain medications.
TIMERGARA -- The residents of Jandol Dir Lower have demanded of the authorities of the health regulatory authority (HRA) and health department to check the sale of narcotics and sedative drugs in the open market.
The current study was designed to explore the anxiolytic activity of standardised MAR compared to diazepam (DZ) in male adult rats, as well as establish the minimum effective dose for the GABAergic-mediated response of MAR and assess the sedative effective of MAR.
Preliminary studies confirm that the California poppy has mild sedative and anti-anxiety effects, making it a good slumber-inducer.