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PFSM fulfils on its intention, which is to identify sedative music on a general and overall level.
Midazolam was selected as the sedative in this study protocol because it is the only benzodiazepine approved for continuous infusion and is commonly used for long-term sedation in Japan.
She put her in a headlock to try to get her to take medication, but when that didn't work Cretney crushed the sedative in water and tried to squirt it in the struggling patient's mouth with a syringe.
With the number of such tests expected to increase, the Horseracing Regulatory Authority has acted to discourage trainers from using sedatives to get their horses through them.
Hops extracts were found against control to reduce locomotor activity and increase ketamine induced sleeping time, this reflecting a sedative action.
Toxicologist Michael Hammond told the hearing: "If the sedative had a depressive effect on his respiratory functions, it may have contributed to his death.
Medicinal use: Used as a sedative in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, nervous irritability, and some forms of depression.
In contrast, 36% of patients who fell had received other sedative hypnotics within the previous 24 hours, compared with 25% of controls.
But 36% of patients who fell had received other sedative hypnotics in the past 24 hours, compared with 25% of controls.
Terrence Bennett slipped crushed sedative tablets into the jam and cream filling of an iced bun he had bought her as a treat after work on November 17 last year.
Her husband Peter says it was after she was given the sedative midazolam.
He said: "It is only on very, very rare occasions that a young horse might be given a mild sedative.