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Seditionists and rebels are made of different stuff.
Similarly, events of which Gualinto is unaware, such as his uncle's participation in the seditionist movement or the fact that the man Gualinto mistakenly takes for an enemy and kills is his uncle Lupe, foreground the competing meanings that the young protagonist must navigate.
I can't think of one except that Gaddafi funded murderous terror groups such as the PLO and seditionist Irish Republican extremists something Saddam did not, yet Galloway is expelled and Iraq reduced to rubble.
America at the time was a country in which a man could be jailed as a seditionist for reciting the Declaration of Independence and U.
The homosexual is not merely a gender outlaw, but also a religious heretic and a political seditionist.
21) See Louis Beam, "Leaderless Resistance," The Seditionist, Issue 12, February 1992.
The seditionist rioters should be executed," marchers chanted on Wednesday, while posters they carried said hostile "hidden hands" guided from the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom should be cut off.
As the seditionist takeover near Burns drags on and expands, I wonder: Why do we have a governor?
Zarqawi (see "Hel ataka hadith al-rafidha" minute 17 of tape 2) likewise has kind words for the Ottomans whom he calls "rejuvenators" of the faith; while "[the Ottomans] were busy advancing jihad into the heart of Europe," the seditionist Shi'a were being supported by Western powers to undermine them.
Their ability to unseat a minister--on the pretext that he was too close to the "seditionists" of the 2009 election; appointed people with seditionist backgrounds to high administrative and university positions; reinstated some of the professors fired by Ahmadinejad's ministry; and "failed" in confronting "antirevolutionary activities" at the universities--is as much a setback for the Rouhani administration as it is for the Parliament's conservative leadership in leading and controlling its own ranks.
I quoted the late Iran president who said that "if the two countries (Iran and Saudi Arabia) are harmonized on regional issues and the Islamic world, seditionists will not be able to induce differences between Muslims.