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Asked about the intelligence ministry's measures to monitor possible seditionist moves in the presidential election, Moslehi told reporters on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting here in Tehran, "Yes, the intelligence ministry is conducting heavy monitoring in this regards.
America at the time was a country in which a man could be jailed as a seditionist for reciting the Declaration of Independence and U.
21) See Louis Beam, "Leaderless Resistance," The Seditionist, Issue 12, February 1992.
Their ability to unseat a minister--on the pretext that he was too close to the "seditionists" of the 2009 election; appointed people with seditionist backgrounds to high administrative and university positions; reinstated some of the professors fired by Ahmadinejad's ministry; and "failed" in confronting "antirevolutionary activities" at the universities--is as much a setback for the Rouhani administration as it is for the Parliament's conservative leadership in leading and controlling its own ranks.
Ayatollah Khamenei also pointed to the black record of the United States' hostile measures against Iran throughout the last century, specially after the onset of the Islamic Revolution, and condemned the US president for his empathy and support for the leaders of the seditionist move against the Islamic Republic in the 2009 presidential elections, which he complained has continued up until now.
He reminded his response to the US president's previous offer of talks four years ago, and said, "Right then it was emphasized (by me) that we didn't look at the offer with bias and prejudgment and would wait to see their action, but in these four years nothing has been observed (of the US) but continued plots, aid and assistance to seditionists and conspirators and support for the terrorists who assassinated the Iranian nation's scientists.
Iran's semi-official news agency Fars confirmed at least one death Monday and called demonstrators "hypocrites, monarchists, ruffians, and seditionists," blaming the West as well as the MEK, a reviled exiled group based in both Iraq and France.
According to IRGC Commander Hossein Hamedani, chief of the IRGC in Tehran during the crackdowns on protesters, "The seditionists [opposition] are nothing but a dead corpse and we will strongly confront any of their movements.
We are ready for any kind of confrontation," Naqdi said, addressing a gathering of Basij forces in Iran's Southern city of Shiraz, adding that the Islamic Revolution has already overcome several problems caused by separatists, seditionists and hypocrites (i.