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He illuminates the life and times of the dedicated lawyer, who devoted his career to applying First Amendment principles to the world of unpopular, radical, and seditious speech.
But after some 29 years and after nearly 12 years as governor here, I am free to say that the people of Lagos and indeed the Westerners are the lowest,the most seditious and disloyal,the most purely prompted by self-seeking money motives of any people I have met,' Lord Lugard 1916.
They also expressed discontent over the seditious schemes hatched by the US, Israeli entity and Saudi regime.
His (Nawaz's) assertions are seditious and were tantamount to destroying the whole system,' he alleged.
The lawyer's seditious comments spread quickly, causing public anger and condemnation.
The Congress leader attacked the government saying that under the BJP,"dissent is portrayed as seditious, protests as anti-national"which shows petty intolerance and their ideology, he added.
Ghazaleh cited importance of the decision of the Arab foreign ministers banning Iran-funded TV channels from broadcasting on Arab satellites as they constitute a threat to Arab national security by provoking sectarian and ethnic seditious strife.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Loyalty to Resistance Bloc called on all the Lebanese to be alert in issuing stances and to beware of seditious rumors, following ambiguous resignation of Prime Minister Saad Harriri.
Download Loyalty to Resistance warns from seditious rumors, calls for maintaining calm NNA - "Loyalty to Resistance" bloc called on all the Lebanese to be alert in issuing stances and to beware of seditious rumors, in order to facilitate exerted national endeavors.
Luther's revolt against Rome with the nailing of ninety-five theses to the church door in Wittenberg; his time spent incognito at Wartburg Castle, where he famously throws an inkpot at the devil; his seditious translation and publication of the Bible in the language of the people; his scandalous marriage to former nun Katharina von Bora; and, in later years, his ugly tirades against peasants, Anabaptists, and Jews are fully recounted.
SPA) RIYADH: The General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars noted two security achievements: Thwarting a terrorist plan to attack two departments affiliated with the Ministry of Defense in Riyadh, and discovering and disbanding cells that had seditious intentions.
He also said that such acts promoted disharmony, affected civil peace and were seditious.