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She played some porn movies and started to seduce me until we had sex," he told the prosecutor.
Lots of men need help in the romance department and the website is getting lots of testimonials from single men on how the website has helped them meet, date, attract, and seduce women.
CORONATION STREET (ITV1) Sally tells Kevin he is no longer welcome in her house, and Rosie hopes she can split Jeff and her mum up by attempting to seduce him.
Thus, communication is not the essential component of seduction, but rather many other things that seduce in themselves.
THE VIXEN MANUAL: HOW TO FIND, SEDUCE AND KEEP THE MAN YOU WANT offers a fine, specific guide to the art of seduction: how to locate, seduce and keep the man you want.
The film does Nader a service by reminding us of his early, necessary activism--especially against General Motors, which hired shady types to tail him and, if possible, seduce him (then, as now, Nader's speculated-upon sexuality is unclear).
If she wants to seduce members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 17 January, the German chancellor will have to show a bit more European daring than she has done so far.
In 14 chapters, international researchers review the progress that has been made in techniques to study the complex chemistry of scents, their ecological role in seducing pollinators, and the identification of scent genes to genetically engineer flowers that will yield new commercially-lucrative scented plants to seduce humans.
IMAGINE being able to walk into a bar with the knowledge that you could seduce any woman that you desired.
After the show, the wife of England and Real Madrid soccer star David Beckham was asked to give her recipe for the best outfit to seduce a man.
I need to find Chin, get good at skateboarding and seduce this girl I like.
Hundreds of tiny, young beetles lump together in the shape of a female bee and then grab rides on the male bees that they seduce, say California researchers.