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The man who had seduced her then said, 'Would you like to come along with us to see the house of your parents and your parents themselves?
A FEMALE teacher who seduced a boy of 15 was facing jail last night.
Jackson, 45, seduced one boy after plying him with booze, it was claimed.
A MALE nurse who seduced a woman patient on his house calls was struck off for life yesterday.
The whole premise of Madame Melville in which a 15-year-old American boy is seduced by his sexy 30-year-old French teacher has the stench of male fantasy.
She wants to be seduced, yet she often plays the role of the seducer.
A naive schoolboy was seduced by a girl of 12, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.
It's a friendly warning to my brothers and sisters because some people are being seduced into believing that the Scottish National Party are a party of the left, a party that are progressive and a party we should be doing deals with.
It comes after the Mirror obtained secret documents from 1971 revealing the DJ was quizzed over claims he seduced 15-year-old Claire McAlpine.
Daughter allegedly seduced wealthy manager first in hotel room and later extorted him of large amounts of money.