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I was approached by a man who did not want to be identified because it could expose him to ridicule, who told me he picked up a hitchhiker who turned out to be a ghost that seduced him," Mr Davies said.
You are seduced and abandoned time and time again," he says.
not to be too seduced by it all--although there is a seduction in that as well.
The unprecedented economic situation means the rules have changed and duly seduced councillors beware the jobs are a mirage as the scheme is not capable of being delivered.
There are too many young people who get seduced by people telling them they can have everything.
Cioran, a 20th century thinker seduced by fascism whose relationship with political extremists was to affect his life and work.
A RANDY family doctor wants to return to the surgery where he seduced a married woman patient, it was claimed last night.
In fact, the prophet cries out in lament, "O Lord, You seduced me, and I was seduced" (20:7).
Instead it's a question of working through political issues as well as being seduced by the actual form, a question of provoking and seducing.
Lewis (26), seduced the girl in the meeting room of the north London tennis club where she had been sent by her father for coaching.
James Smith, who also lives in the city, made the film Seduced, a mixture of computer generated 3D animation and live action, before he left the film school last year with a degree in animation.
When Timothy Leary extolled LSD's sex-enhancing qualities in a 1966 interview with Playboy, he fueled the fears of parents who worried that their daughters would be seduced into a decadent world of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.