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Emmanuel is a great seducer of older people, for instance, the starry-eyed support he's won from a bevy of powerful Mitterrand-era octogenarians" - French writer Anne-Elisabeth Moutet on new President of France Emmanuel Macron.
A great seducer is able to create moments where the other person sees you do something that they didn't expect so they build you up in their mind into something perhaps better than what you really are.
In August 2012, Groeschel sparked a firestorm when he said in an interview that priests who sexually abuse children "on their first offense" should not go to jail and that the child is often "the seducer.
Gabriele d'Annunzlo: Poet, Seducer, and Preacher of War
Although he placed close to the bottom, this didn't damage the singer's standing as a singing seducer.
45pm) In a thoroughly modern take on the Christmas Carol story, Matthew McConaughey stars as a womaniser told to change his ways during a visit from his dead uncle Wayne (a scene-stealing Michael Douglas) - a serial seducer who taught him everything he knows.
THE MYTHICAL STORY OF THE energetic seducer Don Juan fascinated Europe for three centuries, stirring thinkers such as Soren Kierkegaard and Albert Camus to pen reflections on his character.
A serial seducer, whose motives are unclear, is playing mind games with two beautiful San Francisco women.
Nor is Catherine, serial student seducer, ever particularly empathetic.
She was modelling at the time and doing a psychology degree, but soon packed in her studies after hitting it off with the serial seducer.
Crystal and 84 year-old Hef met at Seducer the porn publisher's 2008 Halloween party and she moved into his notorious mansion shortly afterwards.