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Suzanne took the bag and departed, after allowing the old bachelor to kiss her, which he did with an air that seemed to say, "It is a right which costs me dear; but it is better than being harried by a lawyer in the court of assizes as the seducer of a girl accused of infanticide."
I am now obliged to ask for the name of her seducer."
Then speech came, and she said slowly: "Seducer? No; I do not know her seducer's name."
The author examines the socio/political roles vampires play in popular culture, as sexual seducers, monsters, protectors, and drainers of energy.
Great seducers orchestrate surprise and never let relationships become too familiar.
The most effective daisy seducers grow a dark, somewhat fly-shaped bump on some of their otherwise yellow-to-orange petals.
an amnesty for seven days for the seducers of the people of the province to surrender to the security forces.
One of the excerpts from the book read that all the greatest seducers in history could not keep their hands off of women.
"Seducers Among Our Children: How to Protect Your Child From Sexual Predators" is a collection of advice from retired investigative sergeant Patrick Crough, on how to not only protect one's children, but also teach them to protect themselves from sexually abusive persons who will try to lure them.
The political seducers flirt skillfully with the category of people who get burned under the sun during the summer only to produce food and who protest during the autumn and winter.
the heartless seducers, but on the complex psychology of the
Similarly fledgling seducers will find Brass' mentorship invaluable as he details the sometimes-rocky paths to intimacy and the difficulties that crop up in flirtatious encounters.