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Now, 29 years on, director Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Birth) serves up a film about a sexy alien who seduces and then murders men.
One seduces, imprinting a special rhythm in the voice.
Shortly after arriving on the scene, Toby begins to seduce Ellie with his ersatz entertainment--imitating a "Brazilan mugwump"--while Chino is marginalized and feminized, a short-order cook with an apron flipping burgers.
This bank manager seduces his customers while at work, and therefore this affair is in the public domain.
She seduces him by sexualized attention and by the sharp eroticism of the prose she gives him to correct, then denounces him, having taped his admission of their encounter.
Jerry's new fling couldn't have come at a more fitting time - she's about to star on stage as Mrs Robinson in The Graduate - a middle-aged woman who seduces a 22-year-old student.
It lacks the "terrible honesty" that would push the reader beyond superficial understanding of the diverse cultural mixings that infused mongrel Manhattan in the '20s with an aura so intense that the spirit of the time still lingers, still moves and stirs the city's soul, still seduces.
The statue comes to life when Don Juan seduces his widow.
A modern Tamar living on the Monterey coast seduces her brother, a neighbor, and her father.