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While Colorado dance artists search for funding, communication, community activism, and technical innovation, their most awesome and perhaps insurmountable task is the daily competition with the extraordinary natural world around them: The blessed mountain ranges that grace their cities seduce many outdoorsy Coloradans into spending most of their leisure time outside.
The Prince of Darkness (Tom Hewitt) seduces young Lucy Westenra (Amy Rutberg) in ``Dracula The Musical.
When Kathryn is entrusted to take care of her cousin, Cecile (played for laughs by Selma Blair), she takes special delight in turning the young girl into a sex maniac, even giving Cecile kissing lessons before Sebastian seduces her.
RTE host Miriam O'Callaghan has branded leading economist David McWilliams a sexist after he claimed she seduces her guests.
Photo: Nymphet Dedee Truitt (Christina Ricci) eventually seduces the not-so-gay-after-all Matt (Ivan Sergei) in ``The Opposite of Sex.
The sexy scenes are part of the video for her latest single, Toxic, in which she dresses up as a leather-clad temptress, a sexy air stewardess who seduces a passenger and a fiery redhead.
FIRED UP: Britney plays a redhead in video; CREWS CONTROL: She seduces passenger; LIP SERVICE: Britney as leather-clad temptress
Intimate Relations A proper housewife (Julie Walters) seduces her young boarder (Rupert Graves) and more misdeeds follow in this black comedy based on a real-life British scandal.
Meanwhile, more updates about former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston have revealed that in her upcoming sequel of "Horrible Bosses" she will seduce two men and a woman.
He flirts with her and brags to pals that he'll seduce her; their families become friendly, and they become EXTREMELY friendly.