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The offense of seducing military personnel to participate in a coup plot carries maximum punishment of lifetime imprisonment.
When drinking precedes sex, there may be a fine line between seducing someone and taking advantage, between lowering inhibitions and impairing judgment.
Goliath owns worldwide distribution rights to Seducing Spirits.
Court's Presiding Judge Eisa Al Sharif overturned the primary judgment, one year in jail, and acquitted the 35-year-old Egyptian imam of seducing women and urging girls to have sex with him by abusing one of the telecommunication services.
But an older woman seducing a teen boy is supposed to seem cool.
SULTRY Italian stunner Monica Bellucci has set her sights on seducing Sean Connery.
A collection of 16 tales purports to fill us in on what Dracula was doing in London while he was not seducing Mina, browbeating Harker, and being chased by Dr.
They were accused of homosexual acts, "marrying each other", seducing young men and "attacking those who rebuked them".
The priest accused of seducing a nun left his monastery and went into hiding last night.
While written language therefore cannot tell us exactly how men seduced, it can tell us about the cultural codes used in seducing women: the sequence of rhetorical stratagems.
I don't have a technique for seducing men because they're all so different," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Britain's Hello
Earlier the court heard that Renton had a four month affair with the 15-year-old after seducing him in a similar fashion.