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Jessica Chastain is the perfect actress to star in Seducing Ingrid Bergman, " said Uday Chopra, CEO, YRF Entertainment.
A SOCIAL work boss has quit in disgrace after seducing a vulnerable woman in his care.
A MOTHER-of-two who walked free after seducing her best friend's 14-year-old son may yet face jail.
Seducing the Rabbi is anathema to the traditional romance novel.
What's more, The History Boys is one of a handful of indie films out now and in the coming months involving students seducing their teachers.
In 14 chapters, international researchers review the progress that has been made in techniques to study the complex chemistry of scents, their ecological role in seducing pollinators, and the identification of scent genes to genetically engineer flowers that will yield new commercially-lucrative scented plants to seduce humans.
In "Francesca," a man who meets his love child for the first time fantasizes about seducing her, just as her married mother once seduced him.
Several films were critical and box-office successes, but none attracted the international attention, or rave reviews, of Les Invasions Barbares, Seducing Doctor Lewis or Gaz Bar Blues.
Instead it's a question of working through political issues as well as being seduced by the actual form, a question of provoking and seducing.
SEXY Kelly Brook has revealed how seducing hunky boyfriend Billy Zane got her in the mood for filming her latest movie, The School for Seduction.
They were also charged with seducing military personnel from their allegiance to the state.