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However, had not we the seductive program still, with its Paris, its Constantinople, Smyrna, Jerusalem, Jericho, and "our friends the Bermudians?
The lure of the twenty-four seductive wives proved in itself a sufficient incentive and there, too, was added his desire for the white girl whom he had long since determined to possess.
When he turned towards her, she leaned to him with a little seductive movement of her body.
To a disposition like Holgrave's, at once speculative and active, there is no temptation so great as the opportunity of acquiring empire over the human spirit; nor any idea more seductive to a young man than to become the arbiter of a young girl's destiny.
In short, Senora Dona Rodriguez, if you will leave out and put aside all love messages, you may go and light your candle and come back, and we will discuss all the commands you have for me and whatever you wish, saving only, as I said, all seductive communications.
Now as she stood before him pulsing with life and loveliness she suggested other seductive and alluring possibilities.
He occasionally tried to fathom a comrade with seductive sentences.
Seductive details are materials that are interesting and entertaining but are irrelevant to the main ideas or learning objectives of a lesson (Harp & Mayer, 1997; Harp & Mayer, 1998).
Course organiser David Wingrove said: "Our course offers a grisly but seductive survey of all things undead, with a lively interactive atmosphere.
The leading online adult product retailer with one of the largest databases of adult products and sex toys, Seductive Adults (www.
THE court of Henry VIII is a dangerous court of Henry VIII is a dangerous and seductive place - as young Mary and seductive place - as young Mary Boleyn discovers when she catches oleyn discovers when she catches the, womanising monarch's eye in The Other Boleyn Girl (oleyn Girl (BBC2, 10pm, tonight).
However this particular category has a twist, with sexy 70s and jazz music playing in the background as Alex Trebek put on his best seductive voice reading each answer.