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Montes Alpha Syrah 2005 (pounds 9.99 at Waitrose or Majestic) is deep and chewy with licorice, creamy black fruit and a seductively silky texture.
Common to these is the quest to create the compelling object, seductively exciting in its manipulations of form, materials, patterns and surfaces, yet also contextually indigestible and symbolically mute.
IT'S easy to see why diamonds are a girl's best friend when you catch a glimpse of a jewel-encrusted pendant sparkling seductively round an ivory neck.
"Rakit" unfurled this seductively bizarre tale via a series of exhibits (all fabricated by Stevenson and his collaborators) that included maps painted on canvas, a vitrine stocked with relics, and a splendidly ramshackle yet functioning reconstruction of Fairweather's raft (rakit in Indonesian).
Although it began humorously with the six men blowing up phallic balloons as each woman seductively crossed the space, in the subsequent male-female interaction, all shared a rambunctious give-and-take in extravagant lifts and falls.
The show entitled "A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse" featured Daryl Hannah and David Carradine galloping around the stage a few times, a woman seductively rolling on the ground in front of a horse and a group of four men dressed in Indian gear chasing four horses in a circle.
Down at the Allied, Graham whipped off his T-shirt to reveal a bronzed and overflowing body and began to dance seductively to the juke box.
Seductively she said to Stuart: "I might let you see me with it on later," which upset Dinnington's Michelle.
Irene Sullivan's arrival is foreshadowed seductively, so that when she does appear and chooses the younger brother over the older, this reader was understanding and ready.
Designer Bella Freud has produced a seductively low cut little black dress in wool crepe lace with bell sleeves for Jaeger priced pounds 275.
(Again, add rice to even out your sodium intake.) And the Kofta Curry combines seductively seasoned vegetable dumplings with brown basmati rice.