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This mildly erotic story-line is more remarkable for the totally coincidental intimations of far greater composers, such as Smetana's water-imagery and the Salome -like seductiveness of its quasi-oriental oboe solo.
The seductiveness of smartphones isn't about the technology per se, it's about what the technology affords and what it taps into," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Genevieve Bell, who studies how people relate to technology for tech giant Intel, as saying.
At this point Legrenzi and Carlo Umilta offer their most intriguing evidence for the irrational seductiveness of brain-science discourse.
Elisha Willis is soft and sad as the trapped Odette, but on this occasion fails to capture the wicked seductiveness of her dark-side twin Odile.
For so long the female rapper has had to pick a side--either a tomboyish embrace of male rap standards or sex-kitten seductiveness.
Nicolas Milh's work explores power, surveillance and the seductiveness of images, and will include a three metre-long sculpture emblazoned with a gigantic image of an Alpine landscape.
As with most things she wears, she oozes sex appeal and seductiveness and uses every given opportunity to flaunt her feminine figure.
It is where he measures, with exquisite delight, differing degrees of seductiveness or astringency, where he develops his alchemy of sound in which is distilled his most intoxicating perfumes or his most fatal poisons (Emile Vuillermoz, 'L'oeuvre de Maurice Ravel' 1939, p.
Japan: Traditionally modest and freedom-inhibiting kimono is getting a new lease on life at Japan Fashion Week, with an edge of defiance and seductiveness.
There are undertones of seductiveness to the day ahead.
She echoes Sushmita Sen's tranquil seductiveness from Goldie Behl's Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai.