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According to Arrowsmith, Binyon presided over the cluttered, wood-tabled print room with the sedulous suavity of a "sommelier," surmising what might particularly excite his visitors and maintaining a "running commentary" on his own selections of treasures (124).
While the resurgence of the Gothic mode in today's market fascinates scholars of contemporary children's fiction, the prevalence of such fiction in late eighteenth-century England provided the first impetus for the creation of a "respectable" juvenile literature countering the sedulous influences of all things Gothic (Townshend 21).
The Scots have always been a fiercely independent people, but it surprised me how far this sedulous process of separation has gone already.
question was "framed with sedulous regard to the structure of the
For example, there is no mention in these works of the Constitution's sedulous refusal to refer to slavery directly; the words "slave" and "slavery" never appear.
She concludes that Wordsworth is "a tree of life growing up north", an author whose forms and modes of affect facilitate the sedulous cartography of her "sacred south" with its myriad megalithic landmarks and archaic institutions (Butts, "Real Wordsworth" 1448).
As sedulous as he was in championing Fourth Amendment rights, even Justice Harlan acknowledged that a person lacks Fourth Amendment protection for "objects, activities, or statements that he exposes to the 'plain view' of outsiders.
that a confident conclusion about the principal tendency of a restriction will follow from a quick (or at least quicker) look, in place of a more sedulous one.
1975, Chile), author of the sedulous and well-received novella diptych Bonsai and The Private Lives of Trees.