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Before proceeding ahead it is worth highlighting that nature has endowed Gwadar with certain topographical advantages that beat all other rival regional ports hands down notwithstanding their sedulous development efforts.
"But it would be irresponsible to get into a discussion of these matters on the floor of the House and whatever sedulous temptations are lobbed my way I do not intend to do so."
"'Playing the sedulous ape': Antonio Munoz Molina y los espejos de la (meta)fic cion en Beatus Ille." Revista de Estudios Hispanicos 36.2 (2002): 425-56.
The Ministers also agreed on mechanisms for the implementation of the Riyadh Document, based on the principles stipulated in the GCC statute, hailing the move as a historical attainment that crowned 33 years of sedulous efforts, to achieve the interests of the member-states' peoples and pave the way for the shift to a more secure and stable situation that enable them to counter the challenges together as a one firm entity.
Sagacious, sophisticated and sedulous: The importance of discussing 50-cent words with preschoolers.
How he came to know of the Roberts material is not known, however he purchased the bundle of documents from Roberts' son, and wrote a brief introductory note recording how Roberts 'sedulously put aside all documents pamphlets, lithographs and maps printed or received by him.' (2) How sedulous is a moot point, as other than 7cm of papers and illustrations, a brief migrant journal, and 35 maps, there is almost nothing held in this or other libraries documenting Roberts' life or career.
Hence we should show sedulous care in preserving a practice which is based on divine teaching and apostolic observance, a practice which is indeed faithfully followed among us and in practically every province.
"Sedulous Muftis in Arab countries issue fatwas for Jihad in Syria after receiving millions of dollars," said Sheikh Wassem Yousef in an address posted on the internet.Ee "They (Muftis) sign contract worth millions (of dollars) in order to preach Islam to people.
it did not come naturally to Joschko to distinguish the image from its mirror image, he only felt an enmity at which the valet's sedulous alacrity barely hinted.
As we are not just yet at another 1945 moment, and as we may hopefully avoid the catalyst of war, it might be that these years of sedulous preparation are a better pointer as to how we might get there.
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The most widely known illustration of this dilemma may very well be the sedulous inquiry as to whether chicken produce eggs or eggs produce chicken.