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When Winston died in 1843, the Gentleman's Magazine noted that he had "enjoyed opportunities for making a vast collection of dramatic information and curiosities, and sedulously availed himself of the power.
But as befits a writer with an essentially comedic sensibility, his tone and approach so sedulously shun the insistent that I was surprised by how determinedly Kynaston brings his narrative back to housing and to his dogged efforts to ensure that readers grasp "the seemingly ever-accelerating change to Britain's built environment" that took place in these years.
By sedulously taking six excogitated concrete steps--both the practitioner and the client--the religious negativity including outright mistakes and inappropriateness can be overturned.
I am renowned for what is technically known as a "low coolness factor" and normally people sedulously keep me away from anything having to do with youth; but if you are elected moderator, they have to invite you to events like Canada Youth 2014.
Dickens, a true literary genius but not a particularly learned or intellectually outstanding individual, accepted entirely Carlyle's view and even imitated it (much as, at around the same time, Dumas was writing a couple of historical novels sedulously following in the footsteps of Jules Michelet).
No one would confuse Kazin's Brownsville with "the hallowed middle-class districts" of Brooklyn, but absent for the most part are the privation, violence, and brutality that staunchly Communist writers such as Fast, Gold, and Ornitz so sedulously linked to poverty.
The gods sure must have worked sedulously to create the squiggly Seychelles.
He is a man who sank so sedulously into the skin of Abraham Lincoln that he may well have weighed up the benefits of going to a theatre and having himself shot.
As Blyth argues, by interpreting the problem as one of government failures, they sedulously overlooked the bad behavior of the private sector and made taxpayers liable for banks' morally hazardous behavior.
The self-serving argument by the conservative elements dominating appointed local government institutions that the Borneo territories were not ready for politics was sedulously fostered.
Hollande might be likened, if it is not too far fetched for someone so sedulously unathletic, to a jockey riding a horse of proven potential but uneven performance.
Indian separatism was being sedulously fostered" (quoted in Khan 2004, 72-73).