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Words not only translate the seeable into the sayable and by so doing reduce the former to the latter; they also translate the seeable into a particular form of the sayable: "Written descriptions express what can be grasped in their own languages and are thus effectively blind (or inhospitable) to things outside them." (53) This blindness--approaching subjects in terms and languages other than their own and thus necessarily misrepresenting them--has always been a part of the colonial production of knowledge, and it continues to some extent in the (post) colonial present.
But if the illustration rests at the center of the page and most immediately commands the eye, it is not self-sufficient; the image changes (by contextualizing) the text, but the text conditions what is seeable in the image.
The opening of John's letter tells us that, in Jesus Christ, what existed from the beginning is now reachable, touchable, knowable, seeable and lovable.
Thus, Arc Seconds of seeable resolution changes with power.
The key inquiry in proximate cause analysis is whether the injury was fore- seeable. If the defendant could not reasonably have foreseen the resulting harm, the defendant escapes liability Suppose Mr.
(28.) Ann Eljenholm Nichols, Seeable Signs: The Iconography of the Seven Sacraments, 1350-1544 (Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 1994), 224-25, esp.
Mr Leigh said the bid had: "Ignored fore seeable major factors such as contingency provision, tax obligations and policing and wider security requirements.
(through) a consciousness of abstracting and of all that abstracting tends to involve: identification of words and things; of the seeable and unseeable; projection; overdefinition and underdefinition of terms; the multiordinality of abstracting; and all the rest of what Korzybski summarized and organized in that curious three-dimensional diagram that he called the structural differential (general semantics can help us to) gain greater consciousness of our selves and counteract self-consciousness."
TRANSPORT chiefs today pledged there would be no Liverpool congestion charge in the for seeable future.
Located along the strategic road connecting eastern, western and northern Jeddah, with its high day and night traffic, especially during peak hours and high seasons, Al-Khaleejiah superstructure is easily seeable to travelers and visitors coming to Jeddah, as well as to those heading to King Abdul Aziz International Airport.
The Wales and Swansea forward was dropped "for the for seeable future" by BBC Wales when he said he hoped the Bluebirds lost the FA Cup semi-final against Barnsley.
JUSTICE secretary Kenny MacAskill yesterday insisted alcohol will not be allowed back into football grounds for the for seeable future.