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actual action, and it is by virtue of the reflux of imitated action, which is 'tragic,' that the actual action is seeable as tragic, is displayed as tragic.
These markets remain in long-term upward trends that will persist for the fore seeable future.
With Ad Systems current market position and the ability to identify and exploit new market opportunities in cable and broadcast markets, Ad systems is expected to deliver continued growth in the fore seeable future.
But the Christmas and new year shut-down, together with Hamilton's holiday absence, has stalled progress on the negotiations, which could yet drag on for some time and delay hopes of a for seeable exit from the High Court's jurisdiction.
Students, then, apply this insight to their own language by asking questions about how local discourses shape what is seeable, speakable and doable.
In a week when Gers owner David Murray said there will be no more spending for the for seeable future, it really does look gloomy for McLeish.
But it is not really the inner self that Bahina's husband seeks to control, but rather the seeable, public aspects of their lives:
As for establishing an integrated open-skies bloc for Northeast Asia that is similar to the EU or NAFTA, the existing obstacles make it unlikely in the for seeable future.
First, there currently is a variety of opportunities for the health care of inmates, which will exist in the for seeable future.
Natasha says that artists can imagine what they don't see, and do not simply imitate the seeable.
It looks as if Shane is going to need 24-hour a day care for the fore- seeable future.