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The HMGB1-lowering effect of mung bean is found mainly in the seed coat portion of the bean.
The seed coat is presumed to be the initial point of access for microorganisms (e.
With increasing of acid exposure time, seed coat dissolves more and becomes thinner that make germination easier.
The decrease is the result of some minerals leaching into water during soaking or cooking and removal of the seed coat.
Each seed is composed of an embryo, cotyledon(s), and a seed coat.
After the rinse, half of the seeds of each seed coat color type were scarified with a razor blade by nicking the seed coat on the side opposite the hilum.
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) studies of seed coat characteristics have been quiet useful in evaluating taxonomic relationships within the Scrophulariaceae.
Anandarajah also noted that for dried plant embryos without seed coats (artificial seeds), the taking up of water (imbibition) is spontaneous ".
This helps prevent seed damage by fungus that may grow on the mucus-like coating around the seed coat.
The FEI receptor-like kinases regulate cellulose biosynthesis in root tips, etiolated seedlings and seed coat mucilage.
The seed coat doesn't break down just because soil temperatures warm up; there also needs to be enough moisture.