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The mean particle sizes and shapes of the Pd seed crystals were evaluated by Cs-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM; HD-2700, Hitachi; 200 kV).
We used carbonate seed crystals of four kinds: calcite, aragonite, dolomite, and magnesite.
To preserve the seed crystals located at the bottom of the crucible, the feedstock should be melted from top to bottom.
In this work, zeolite membrane layer was synthesized on alumina substrate by the secondary growth method, The substrate surface was modified in order to facilitate the adsorption of seed crystals. An intermediate boehmite layer was applied between seeds and support substrate of the membrane to increase the mechanical strength and adherence of the seeds to the supports.
Clouds at high altitude are a good example for this- they contain tiny droplets of water that, in the absence of seed crystals do not form ice despite the low temperatures.
The seed crystals were produced from 30 gram of Univar AR grade borax dissolved in 100 mL of Milli-Q water by heating up until 60[degree]C and filtered through filter paper.
He reports using such "fuzzy" automata to simulate snowflake growth around hexagonal seed crystals. Replicating a process that occurs in clouds, the diffusion of water vapor controlled where and when new hexagons of ice would be added to the growing crystal.
A synergistic effect emerges :from employing this technique, where each completed series of pages acts as "seed crystals" around which other new pages may grow.
Some salts, such as copper sulfate, can be grown from seed crystals in a saturated solution, and if one is chipped it will heal.