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Part of the Veriaevo crowd chased after the fleeing collectivizers, while the remaining villagers destroyed the barn in which the confiscated seed grain had been stored.
Anius' three daughters, Oeno, Spermo, and Elais--that is, wine, seed grain, and oil--were granted by Dionysus the gift of bringing these three crops to fruition.
Such laxatives can indeed have beneficial effects on blood cholesterol if they contain psyllium, which is derived from a seed grain. Psyllium-containing laxatives are available generically or under various trade names, such as Metamucil.
The results of analysis for grain yield showed that there were significant differences among 25 genotypes for seed the oil content (P < 0.01) and the grain yield of 25 different genotypes varied from 2323 to 3650 (Kg x [h.sup.-]) are in Fig 3, the highest seed grain yield was obtained from IL.111 genotype (3650 Kg x [h.sup.-1], respectively).
In a field test conducted by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore at Princess Anne, MD, Tara yielded 3749 kg [ha.sup.-1] of seed grain in 2002 in comparison with 4978 kg [ha.sup.-1] for Hutcheson.
In the first of these two chapters, he traces the emergence of religious confraternities and the development of local bureaus of charity, as well as the spread of institutions of Italian origin - the mont de piete where the poor could pawn their possessions and the grenier d'abondance which assured a supply of seed grain to the poorest farmers.
It is forbidden to use sowing material littered with seeds of quarantine weeds, as well as to transport seed grain without preliminary purification.