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Avoid seed mixtures that have split peas, beans, dried rice or lentils as again only the large species can eat them dry.
It is still added to seed mixtures that are to be planted on minimum maintenance areas such as roadsides if the soil is wet or poorly drained.
TURFGRASS is often sown in seed mixtures consisting of different species and cultivars.
Of the three seed mixtures A, B, and C shown in this chapter, which mixture is most likely to result in a sparse second-year lawn?
Under a 5-year cooperative research and development agreement that is up for renewal in 2003, the researchers tested various seed mixtures.
Everyone who wrote back liked the seed mixtures of veggies and Rose of Sharon I sent," Grace says.
These species are often included in seed mixtures to accelerate succession, but may not be completely successful because of competition from early colonizers, or simply may not be suited to the edaphic conditions of the disturbed site.
According to Bob Klatt, landscaping coordinator for the Tollway Authority, the authority uses several classes of seed mixtures depending on the area, location, and the environmental conditions encountered.
Growers sell a variety of gerbera seed mixtures that produce plants whose stems range in length from 15 to 24 inches, bearing daisies 3 to 4 inches across, in shades of yellow, orange, crimson, red, rose, pink, and white; some flowers have deep black-brown centers.
Supplement nature's bounty of berries, nuts and seeds by installing a few bird feeders filled with sunflower seeds, unsalted peanuts or seed mixtures, to refuel tits, siskins and greenfinches.
Alongside the potential for directly increasing farm yields, profitability and competitiveness, the Recommended List also drives continued variety improvement by plant breeders, maintains UK-based plant-breeding expertise and provides valuable independent data for merchants creating and selling seed mixtures to farmers.
Based on existing insights in insect plant interactions, specific floral seed mixtures (to be placed in field margins or as ground cover vegetation) can be developed which target specific visiting biocontrol agents.