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By all accounts, the club began heading toward the seedier end of the spectrum.
As we go from penthouse to fashion show to nightclub, with some seedier stops as well, it's seems almost a throwback to a type of movie one might have thought wasn't being made anymore.
China's government has banned a movie presenting a bleak view of the life of migrant workers and the seedier side of living in Beijing.
This programme seems to assume that the average resident comes into contact with binge drinking, unhealthy, uneducated criminals as part of their everyday life, when many residents have little contact with the seedier side of Mbro.
But her business hid a much seedier operation, Newcastle Crown Court was told.
Chouaki deftly handles the ironies and complications of Massy's identity, as well as discussions of Algerian history and politics, by shifting narrative modes among third person, free-indirect discourse, and lyrical prose as he manipulates the distance between the reader and the mind of someone caught up in the seedier side of Algiers's club scene.
Saltier than shrimp ramen, seedier than a Jerry Springer marathon, the home life of Trisha Driscoll--the loner heroine of Michelle Tea's excellent coming-of-age novel, Rose of No Man's Land--is so tacky and dispiriting that her older sister, Kristy, is taping it for her Real World application.
His Hollywood acting experiences, his confusion about being gay and trapped in a romantic image for females, and his dealings with Hollywood's politics and seedier side makes for a vivid memoir which reveals a multi-faceted actor's life.
That version, like the bulk of ``Measures,'' played the darkness of Shakespeare's ``comedy'' with all its seedier political overtones intact.
Although its busy commuter traffic and proximity to Times Square have" kept the terminal's retailers busy in recent years, the area has been considered among the seedier and underdeveloped parts of the city for some time now.
A kind of close attention to dense pigment that paradoxically conjures psychogenic depth could be seen in works depicting the seedier side of her new Hudson Valley hometown, including Captain Awesome, in which a hairy-chested hick proudly displays a phallic ear of corn, and 4:20, a portrait of four red-eyed small-town punks.
So it's not so much that our lyrics are about the seedier side, it's the way in which they're spoken and the twists they take.