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Llandudno has not succumbed to the seediness that envelops practically every other resort.
It's a spiky song with all the glamour and seediness associated with the disco pop of Pulp.
We already have a strip club and a casino in the making in Coventry, do we need to create any more seediness to attach to our wonderful city's name?
We here confront not only Soth's willingness to move back and forth across boundaries separating private expression and public consumption, but also our own fascination with the social Other, whose lack of money, education, and general "couth" lends a frisson of seediness.
While ``Criminal Minds'' justifies its seediness with pseudo-philosophizing, Fox's ``Killer Instinct'' is content to go for the jugular.
By the time most political parties are moving into their third Parliament, their popularity starts to wane alarmingly, seediness creeps in, people get bored with the same old faces parroting the same old cliches day after day, and internal warfare tends to break out.
Miss Saigon may not have the hummable tunes of the Lloyd Webber rivals or the stirring emotion and drama of the Saigon stable's other major hit, Les Miserables, but it had plenty of sex, seediness, soldiers and showgirls.
He maintained that Liberia attracted him because "there seemed to be a seediness about the place you couldn't get to the same extent elsewhere;" and seediness satisfied a core need that drove his excursions, "the sense of nostalgia for something lost; it seems to represent a stage further back.
Finally, the No Name defines the perfect level of seediness that every good bar needs: that pitch of human excitement that doesn't slide off the scale into personal danger and head lice.
ITV boss David Liddiment has plumbed depths of seediness that Channels 4 and 5 could only dream of.
And not only that: the myth was still very potent of Potsdamer's centrality to the city in the '20s, the only time when the entire city has ever been free of authoritarian rule; its vitality and modernity were remembered, not its chaos and seediness.