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The polyploid was characterized by larger pollen grains, but was lower than control in pollen fertility, fruit set and seediness as well (Ragone, 2001; Yuwei, 2006), characterized with typically malformed, clumped, and poorly stained (Ragone, 2001) and faster pollen viability drops (drop greater than 50% after 6 h) (Bots and Mariani, 2005).
The fact the locations were in residential streets with many locals oblivious to the goings on behind closed doors just adds to the seediness.
Mark Flood's works unsettle the viewer as they teeter between seediness and seductiveness.
It was the perfect place to connote seediness and crime.
The frantic effort to pay off the loan sharks seems a mere pretext for yet another insider's glimpse of the corruption and seediness of postcommunist East European urban life.
You could be taken to a site run by a business that competes with the site you were trying to get to, to a rogue site that lampoons the intended site, to a porn site that tricks you or your children into its seediness, or to a spam or phishing site that steals your email address, your money, or your identity.
but directed in South Africa by that master observer of So Cal seediness, ``Chinatown'' screenwriter Robert Towne.
Drawing out the seediness underlying the glitz, McManus's book did something that the others have failed to--subtly observed that the single-minded pursuit of money often exacts a heavy price.
It's the third world seediness that characterises the everyday reality on London's streets.
The plant breeders look for shape, size, shininess and seediness, among other qualities.
Not that they had a choice in the matter, but the International Cricket Council (ICC), finally adopted a hard-line commitment to rid the game of the seediness that has crept into it.
Variation in average seed size and fruit seediness in a fruit crop of a Guanacaste tree (Leguminosae: Enterolobium cyclocarpum).