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'We conducted an experiment a week ago and dropped some seed pods in the hills and we have now decided to conduct an aggressive aerial seeding to increase greenery in the Margalla Hills.
Before seeding rates can be determined, it may be useful to consider how soybeans respond to increasing or decreasing seeding rates.
Then, get online and look up the recommended seeding rate of whatever you are planting, as reported by your state agricultural extension or university.
Self seeding annuals will add a kaleidoscope effect to your garden landscape.
The maintenance costs associated with short bag life are driving the efforts to reduce the buildup to manageable rates (see sidebar "GM Uses Batch, Continuous Seeding to Improve Dust Collector Filter Life" on p.
Yet with each set of promising experiments over the decades, the flood of initial optimism has always dried up under subsequent scrutiny, making it difficult to tell whether seeding clouds actually increases precipitation.