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For getting date plants, farmers will have to submit their application forms either by hand or through courier to the office of Director, Horticultural Research Station, Bahawalpur and for seedless Kinnow plants farmers must submit their application form to office of Director, Citrus Research Institute, Sargodha till 20th February, 2018.
Jeff Scott, Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA) CEO, said it was important to introduce the different forms and colours of Thompson Seedless grapes.
The highest values of ECI and RGR were related to feeding on Seedless Kinnow and Feutrell's Early cultivars of citrus, suggesting that the insects feeding on these hosts were most effective at the conversion of ingested food to biomass and larval growth.
The trend of seedless citrus has been on the rise over the last year.
Punjab Agriculture Meat Company (PAMCO) sources told media on Sunday that it had successfully experienced the cultivation of a new variety seedless citrus in Thal region, seedless grapes in Choolistan region and olive in Pothohar region.
The horticulture scientists should develop seedless fruit to meet the future challenges.
Consumers prefer seedless grapes because of the ease of eating, traditional grape cultivars such as Sultanina, Afuzali and Rozaki are under competitive pressure from the new hybrid grape cultivars like Redglobe, Autumn Royal, and Flame Seedless.
A 5oog bag of seedless red is on sale at an average of [pounds sterling]2.
These days, watermelons pile on supermarket shelves in seedless splendor.
McCain cashes his chips Donald McCain dominated the card, completing a 692-1 treble with Bhaltair in the 2m1f novices' hurdle, Cygnet in the 2m1f handicap hurdle and Seedless in the 2m4f novices' hurdle.
Some workers have made efforts to select seedless kinnos by survey or by the use of mutants.
Washington, Mar 15 (ANI): Custard apple, or cherimoya -'the most delicious fruit known to man' as Mark Twain called it - is all set to go seedless, thanks to the efforts by some American and Spanish plant scientists.