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However the area of plantation of seedless varieties is limited and there is need for application of modern techniques at all stages from growth to post-harvest processing including segregation and waxing etc, which will not only add value to the produce but improve returns for the whole chain.
The seedless lemon has been described as the holy grail of the lemon industry.
The CRIS had already distributed five thousand seedless samplings among growers, he said and added that 10,000 sampling would also be distributed in the next season.
Cut seedless watermelon into small chunks for easy blending.
The process after going through various developments and modifications ultimately culminated in producing a seedless mandarin type.
The Everest Seedless could be thought of as a seedless Concord.
SARGODHA:Director Citrus Research Institute Sargodha (CRIS) Muhammad Nawaz Maiken on Thursday urged growers to cultivate seedless kinnow to receive the best price of their produce.
Holding the absence of seedless Kinnow production in the country responsible for the small export share in the international market, Malik said, "Our competitors have marketed seedless Kinnow much earlier while we are still hearing about its production," he observed.
Lahore -- Spokesman of Agriculture Department has said that under special directives of Chief Minister, Punjab agriculture department has started a project for five years with worth of Rs.780 million to distribute free of cost high value varieties of date plants and seedless kinnow on subsidized rates in Punjab.
litura were collected from the mandarin orange cultivar Seedless Kinnow and brought to the Department of Entomology, University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Pakistan.