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Ten thousand seedlings will be destroyed in Islamabad by putting them on fire, and ninety thousand will be killed in three nurseries in Mardan and Swat districts in the first phase.
The results showed that the effect of seed size was highly significant on seedling length in P [less than or equal to] 0.
The ideal time to move seedlings is when they have developed their first pair of adult leaves (the two that appear immediately after the initial seed leaves).
During last year, the ministry rejected the entry of 9,407 seedlings imported through various state border points for infringing the health rules and conditions, while more than 3 million seedlings were given an entry nod.
We eliminated the surface vegetation within approximately 2 feet (60 centimeters) of a second seedling in each group by spraying with contact herbicide (glyphosate [Roundup]) and reapplied the herbicide each subsequent spring.
1996; Lamelli, 1970) was run to check the status of protein profile of second dimension after IEF and in broken plastids isolated from seedlings grown under different light regimes.
Cotyledon excision had more adverse effects on Coleogyne seedling survival than the control group.
In the meantime, four greenhouses are currently used to grow Jack and white pine seedlings along with the Canadian yew, a low evergreen shrub commonly known for its taxane properties, which is used in drug cancer treatments.
Landowners residing north of Eugene might want to check out Weyerhaeuser's 24th annual seedling sale on Feb.
This study examines the effects of tree shelters on hardwood seedling survival and growth in a reforestation effort in northeastern Arkansas.
I wait until there are two seed leaves - these are larger, chunkier and differently shaped from the true seedling leaves - plus two true seedling leaves.