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Cold, grey Berlin is juxtaposed with the bright lights and seedy glamour of the Klub.
Steve Lamb, acting regional director at the UK Border Agency said: "This case is an example of the seedy and desperate nature of immigration crime, with people entering into phoney marriages and cash changing hands simply to cheat the system.
A FAMILY pub which hosted seedy sex parties has been put up for auction.
There's a certain point where you go from being the hot guy in the bar to the seedy old man in the strip club.
Seedy Sunday is a joint venture between registered charity Middlesbrough Environment City and the Friends of Linthorpe Cemetery.
A seedy hotel room is a seedy hotel room, no matter where you go," says Susanne Bell, CEO of Saskfilm, the entity set up to bring production to the prairie province of Saskatchewan and its urban centers of Saskatoon and Regina.
A culture now exists whereby no one trusts anyone in the seedy, blood-soaked world of drug dealing.
The Prostitutes of Post Office Street" is the story of getting out of the rut that falling into the depths of a seedy part of town in a seedy career with a seedy life takes you.
SHE makes no conversation No effort for response She'll blank you in the doorway Displaying anti-social gloss When you're forced to be around her Awkwardness will arise Depression rules her personality She's missing both her eyes Her own worst enemy is her Pale translucent face Her seedy and progressive smile Lacks emotive trace I know that she has sense of Touch and sight and sound Yet feelings and emotions Are nowhere to be found And when I gaze and watch her As she kicks the wretched air I feel a sense of melancholy Coming from her hair.
In some ways, a upmarket strip-joint like the Rocket Club - the type that might attract delegates to a Tory conference - may be better for Birmingham than the rather more seedy and unpleasant venues that would replace it if it vanished.
The product provides a full black raspberry flavour profile with fruity and estery notes followed by a distinct, seedy character.
There is no room for seedy chemists sitting in laboratories trying to figure out how to subvert that process.