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The National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire is holding its first Seedy Sunday on February 23.
Last summer we revealed how former landlord Kevin Scott and his partner Kat regularly used the boozer as the setting for seedy swingers parties.
Catherine Boyle, Middlesbrough Environment City's urban farming project officer, said last year's Seedy Sunday was a fun opportunity for visitors to share not only seeds but tips, experiences and time.
I percent, for example, it delivers an intense, seedy black raspberry character--fresh, creamy, floral, berry-like notes and fruity as a sole flavouring.
Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts addresses not only how the author dealt with bullying and other difficult situations--such as how he defused a potential fight in a seedy bar when he was confronted by a tough guy with seven friends--but also the spiritual dimension of faith in Jesus Christ as protection against the "fatal blow of the devil.
We have enough seedy sex shops in Coventry and having another one will attract all sorts of people to the city centre.
And Shannon is one of the lucky ones in what has always been a seedy industry on the edge of society.
The last parcel of undeveloped land included in the 42nd Street Development Project, a plan that spurred Times Square's transformation from a seedy and dilapidated neighborhood into a thriving office, retail and entertainment district, will be the site of a new $1 billion office tower that will begin development in 2007.
are not the infamous anarchists executed for treason by the United States government, but film stars and slapstick comedians who rose to fame through a seedy New York vaudeville club, then on to Hollywood films and USO tours (where they opened with disastrous results for Bob Hope).
Sidebars introduce such crucial terms as landmines, inheritance, and tabloids, the seedy journalism that turned her life into a soap opera.
Thanks to the power of television, the games of poker (especially No Limit Texas Hold 'em) have emerged from their seedy backroom origins to the elegance of multimillion dollar hotels and tournaments.
Ill be the first to admit that I'd like to see the last episode (May 18) end with the perennially frustrated Will cruising a seedy leather bar and leaving at 3 A.