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DOG. A well known domestic animal. In almost all languages this word is, a term or name of contumely or reproach. See 3 Bulst. 226; 2 Mod. 260; 1 Leo. 148; and the title action on the case for defamation in the Digests; Minsheu's Dictionary.
     2. A dog is said at common law to have no intrinsic value, and he cannot therefore be the subject of larceny. 4 Bl. Com. 236; 8 Serg. & Rawle, 571. But the owner has such property in him, that he may maintain trespass for an injury to his dog; "for a man may have property in some things which are of so base nature that no felony can be committed of them, as of a bloodhound or mastiff." 12 H. VIII. 3; 18 H. VIII. 2; 7 Co. 18 a; Com. Dig. Biens, F; 2 Bl. Com. 397; Bac. Ab. Trover, D; F. N. B. 86; Bro. Trespass, pl. 407 Hob. 283; Cro. Eliz. 125; Cro. Jac. 463 2 Bl. Rep.
     3. Dogs, if dangerous animals, may lawfully be killed, when their ferocity is known to their owner, or in self-defence 13 John. R. 312; 10 John. R. 365; and when bitten by a rabid animal, a dog may be lawfully killed by any one. 13 John. R. 312.
     4. When a dog, in consequence of his vicious habits, becomes a common nuisance, the owner may be indicted. And when he commits an injury, if the owner had a knowledge of his mischievous propensity, he is liable to an action on the case. Bull. N. P. 77; 2 Str. 1264; Lord Raym. 110. 1 B. & A. 620; 4 Camp. R. 198; 2 Esp. R. 482; 4 Cowen, 351; 6 S. & R. 36; Addis. R. 215; 1 Scam. 492 23 Wend 354; 17 Wend. 496; 4 Dev. & Batt. 146.
     5. A man has a right to keep a dog to guard his premises, but not to put him at the entrance of his house, because a person coming there on lawful business may be injured by him, and this, though there may be another entrance to the house. 4 C. & P. 297; 6 C. & P. 1. But if a dog be chained, and a visitor so incautiously go near him that he is bitten, he has no right of action against the owner. 3 Chit. Bl. 154, n. 7. Vide Animal; Knowledge; Scienter.

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When the city council in Waukee, Iowa, approved the rules for the month-old center Tuesday, members signed-off on a provision that bans all animals ``except` seeing-eye dogs or walking nanny goats.
As well as training and providing seeing-eye dogs, the charity also provides information and resources, mobility support, mobility technology, buddy dogs for young people and My Guide, a service to help people with sight problems to get out into the local community.
The offenders socialize Labrador and golden retriever puppies for about 18 months before they are sent to specialized training to become seeing-eye dogs or law-enforcement explosive detectors.
In many ways, her videos function like bad seeing-eye dogs, leading us down a path that makes sense but doesn't work.
Seeing-eye ponies may be better than seeing-eye dogs because
There were little people, obese people, people accompanied by seeing-eye dogs, people with tremors, with limps, amputees on skateboards, people with no arms--and they were smiling, laughing, and eating hors d'oeuvres
In the past, airlines had accommodated seeing-eye dogs and other guide dogs onto planes with their owners.
The dog is part of the Companion Animal Partnership Programme (CAPP) and would usually have had to travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft along with other animals except seeing-eye dogs and other guide dogs which are allowed to be accommodated onto aircraft with their owners.